How big is a tote? All you need to know before buying a Tote

how big is a tote

What is a Tote Bag?

A tote bag is a must-have accessory for any fashionista or busy person on the go. Totes are an essential part of daily life, whether you're a student, an office worker, or a parent. Not only are they stylish, but they are also large enough to hold all your everyday essentials.

Totes come in all shapes and sizes. Before you buy a tote, it's essential to know the size and capacity of the bag so you can be sure you're getting the right one for your needs.

Let's guide you through the sizes available, how to measure your tote, and what to consider when shopping for your perfect tote. Whether you're looking for a small, stylish tote or a large, roomy bag, you'll find all the information right here.


Step 1: Measure your Tote 

Knowing the size of the tote you plan to buy is helpful before purchasing; the size of the bag will determine its utility and how it will be used. A tote bag that is too small may not be able to carry all that you need, while a bag that is too large may be unwieldy and uncomfortable to carry. Thus, you must factor in these considerations to ensure your tote is of the right size for your needs.

A tote bag's size can determine its utility, for instance:

  •       A larger tote bag can be used for utility tote grocery shopping, whereas a smaller bag is more suitable for small errands. 
  •       A large tote can be used for travel for a family of 5, for single individuals, they will do great with a small or medium tote.
  •       A larger tote bag can hold more bulky items, such as books,,professional equipment or large packages. 

Tip: In addition to measuring a rolling tote bag for its size, it is also important to consider:

  1.     Its materials: The materials used for the bag should be strong and durable, as it will be used for carrying items.
  2.     Design: The bag's design must also be considered, as it should be able to hold the items securely and prevent them from spilling out.

Lastly, the tote bag's handle should be comfortable to hold. 

How big is a tote bag

Step 2: Pick the Right Tote Size

Choosing the right size tote bag boils down to specific individual needs. That said, there are three main sizes to consider for all intents and purposes: large, medium, and small. Each size offers its unique utility and can be used for multiple purposes.

Large Tote Bags

Large tote bags (like the Hulken) are great for those in search of a large capacity bag to fit all their essentials. Typically, large tote bags measure 20" x 16" x 24" while open and 24" x 20" x 3" while folded. These are perfect for shopping trips as they can easily fit multiple items and can also be used as lightweight travel bags, grocery bags, beach bags, or for professionals such as musicians and organizers to carry large items.

Weighing at a measly 4 lbs. when empty, the larger size also makes it easier to store items while you're on the go.

Medium Tote Bags

Medium tote bags like our Medium Hulken are the perfect size for those who don't require the extra capacity of a large bag. Weighing at approximately 2.8 lbs., medium tote bags basically measure 16" x 12" x 20" when open and: 20" x 16" x 3" when folded. These are great for everyday use and are perfect for carrying items such as a laptop, books, and work tools. They are also perfect as a grocery bag on wheels, wheeled work bag, travel bag on wheels, or even foldable laundry bag. Tote bags can also double as a work bag for women, and a bag for hair stylists.

Medium tote bags also make great travel companions and can be used as overnight or beach bags.

Small Tote Bags

Small tote bags are great for those who don't require a lot of space and just need to carry a few items. A regular small tote bag weighs about 2.2 lbs. and is 14" x 8" x 18" while open and 18" x 14" x 3" while folded. These are perfect for carrying items such as a wallet, basic groceries, phone, and keys.

Small tote bags are also great for day trips or carrying items to and from the gym and can also be used as makeup pouches.


measurements of a tote bag

Step 3: Consider Capacity & Materials when Picking your Tote

Shopping totes come in all shapes and sizes, so deciding what type of utility you're looking for is essential when considering the ideal tote for you. The reasons for needing a tote might range from shopping to travel or the convenience of having one. Other key considerations that might help you decide on how to pick the perfect-sized tote include:

  •       Capacity: If you're looking for a shopping tote, you want to ensure it can hold all the items you need and not be too heavy or too bulky. If you're looking for a travel tote, you want to be sure it's small enough to fit in your carry-on but large enough to carry all your necessary items.
  •       Material: Shopping totes come in various fabrics and materials, such as canvas, cotton, and nylon. Consider what type of fabric will work best for your needs. Cotton and canvas bags tend to be more durable, while nylon and synthetic fabrics are more lightweight.
  •       Additional features: Does it have pockets or zippers? Are the handles comfortable? Are the straps adjustable? Does it have wheels? Do you need extra straps to keep it secure? Different totes have different features, so think about what will work best for your needs.
  •       Style: Do you want a plain tote or one that has a fun pattern or logo? Style is a personal preference, so pick something that reflects your personality.

Finding the Right Tote Based on Your Needs

As outlined, when shopping for a tote bag, it's important to consider your needs, such as utility, capacity, and comfort. Make sure the bag is large enough to fit all your items and has enough pockets or extra compartments to store smaller items. Additionally, you'll want to look for a tote bag that is comfortable and easy to roll or carry, especially if you plan to use it for travel or to the grocery store.

Think about the material and choose something comfortable enough to carry that will last for years. Each material offers its own benefits and drawbacks;

  •       Canvas is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for everyday use
  •       Leather is more expensive but also more stylish and can be more comfortable to carry
  •       Plastic totes are the most affordable and usually come in various colors and patterns

At the end of the day, rest assured that tote bags are a great way to keep your items organized and make your shopping trips more efficient.

Bigger Is Better

With the Hulken tote bag with wheels, shopping no longer needs to be a chore due to the multiple bags holding heavy items that can cause strain on your body. The Hulken is bigger and better than other bags, allowing you to carry more items and do it in a way that is easier and more seamless. This bag is large and robust enough to hold your groceries, books, and any other items that you need to shop for.

Its wheels make it easy to maneuver and transport, and it is light enough to be carried comfortably. You no longer have to worry about back aches from carrying multiple bags of groceries or lugging heavy items around the store.

The Hulken tote bag with wheels is perfect for seamless and effortless shopping and comes in various sizes. It has a large capacity, stainless steel wheels, providing you with maximum utility and organization.

With its spacious design, the Hulken tote bag is your ideal shopping and travel companion. For the guide on different sizes, check out our dedicated page. Have a look at this other page if you would like to get more Hulken tips.

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