Customer spotlight: Lucie Ayres

Customer spotlight: Lucie Ayres

We would love to have a speak with this week's spotlight, Lucie Ayres. Lucie is a designer that was aided by Hulken, and it made it 10 times easier. Read below to find out more!                 

Q. What do you do for a living?

A. Principal designer, 22 Interiors

Q. How does Hulken help you with your business?

A. We love Hulken bags for carrying sample materials to clients and especially for INSTALLS!

Q. What’s a funny Hulken moment you experienced?

A. EVERYONE stops us and asks about the Hulken - people are obsessed with it.  The best Hulken moment is really when you're walking down a slight hill and you can let your HULKEN GO!!! It's silly but makes you feel like a kid again.


Are you an interior designer like Lucie?

  • Interior designers are known to constantly be on the go. From the design center picking up samples, to your client's home slugging pillows, candles and other styling items, to heading back to your office for storage. The Hulken is the ideal partner to easily bring things back and forth between all locations without discomfort.
  • Indeed, its roomy nature and spinner wheels make it a great sidekick, sliding alongside you as you focus on your work and deliverables.
  • Most popular size amongst professional organizers: Medium (for smaller items) or Large (for larger items)

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