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Choosing the Best Bag for Teachers

The average school teacher needs to schlep an enormous amount of stuff to the classroom every day. There are bundles of textbooks, stacks of graded papers, laptops, and more. That's even before you take into account personal items like smartphones and keys, not to mention must-haves like lunches and cosmetics. In other words, a standard work bag or laptop sleeve isn't going to cut it. 

While a large tote can house a surprising amount, an overstuffed bag falls short when it comes to organization. A rolling suitcase or travel bag might seem like a good compromise, but these accessories aren't designed for everyday use. 

A good teacher bag should tick many boxes. You'll need something spacious enough to store all your daily essentials. Furthermore, fuss-free organization and instant retrieval are a must. If you need to brave a morning commute in a busy city, you'll also want something comfortable to carry. Need help to find the perfect teacher tote bag? Our guide breaks down those key design details you should be looking out for. What is the best choice of bag for teachers? We've also picked out a few of the best teacher tote bags on the market to help you make your mind up.

Things Teachers Should Consider Before Purchasing a Bag

Unless you're someone who prizes aesthetics above everything else, you'll want to do your homework before purchasing any type of tote bag. The same frequently asked questions used to pick out a reliable canvas tote or laptop bag can be applied here. Nowadays, there's no shortage of budget-friendly teacher bags out there. Even big labels are getting in on the action. The likes of Vera Bradley offer a selection of stylish designs, while the Alpine Swiss Rolling Laptop Briefcase is a good choice for those who favor function over fashion. 

However, some tote bags are better suited to the needs of teachers than others. When choosing one, you need to focus on a few key factors. 


Ideally, you'll want a high-quality tote that can cope with everyday use. You might not need to carry your own body weight in books to the classroom every day, but your bag is going to be put through its paces more than a typical tote. Whether you're thinking about a canvas tote bag or a laptop backpack, quality is crucial. 

Think carefully about craftsmanship and don't be quick to dismiss designs made from recycled materials. Many assume that a leather tote is going to be more hard-wearing than bags from synthetic fibers. This simply isn't true. Repurposed synthetics aren't just better for the environment, they tend to be incredibly strong, offering a long-lasting alternative to off-the-shelf designs made from virgin material. 


Let's talk about durability a little more. A personalized teacher tote with plenty of storage can make your life easier, but all those individual mesh pockets, zips, and pouches need to hold up well to repeated use. Look for designs with double-stitched seams and reinforced panels. If you're looking for a utility tote bag that can comfortably carry heavy loads, a reinforced baseboard is also good to have. 

While a leather tote or canvas bag offers decent protection against the elements, there's no guarantee that your expensive tech and papers are going to be protected in the event of a downpour. As such, make sure you're taking note of how water-resistant a bag is before buying it. 


While storage capacity is important, you'll want a tote bag that's versatile enough that it can be used for different purposes. Choose something that can be repurposed for any adventure. Think about a lightweight tote that can be used for weekend excursions when it's stuffed with classroom essentials. Carrying comfort is another key factor. While things like wheels are great to have, an adjustable shoulder strap or grab handles will make your tote more functional. 


For many educators, space is going to be the deciding factor in their buying decision. Think about the most you've had to haul into work in a single journey. Your tote of choice needs to be big enough to store all that and more. This generally rules out a standard laptop tote bag. It's always a good idea to leave yourself some extra storage capacity. Annual events like Teacher Appreciation Week usually result in a pile of welcome gifts that need hauling back home. 

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Why the Hulken is the Best Bag for Teachers

If you're looking for a high-quality bag that delivers on every count, there are few better options than the Hulken Rolling Tote. It's one of the biggest bags of its kind, offering plenty of space for stacks of papers, books, school supplies, and more. The Hulken is available in three sizes, with even the smallest model outperforming many other totes on the market. 

The Hulken also scores top marks for quality and durability. Reinforced seams and unbreakable handles ensure you have a bag that will take you through the school year and beyond. What's more, it's incredibly lightweight, with the eco-friendly polypropylene material coping well with wear and tear. The sturdy baseboard is made from recycled material, elevating the Hulken's carrying capacity and your green credentials. 

Need more convincing? The extra-large carry handles mean the Hulken can be used as a rolling tote as well as a shoulder bag. Of course, those stainless wheels do make life easier when you're carrying heavy loads from A to B.  When the day's done, this tote also folds flat for hassle-free storage. Think you have to compromise on style for all this functionality? Think again. The Hulken is an instant eye-catcher, with a variety of classic colors to choose from. 

Teacher Tote Bag With External USB Charger

This budget-friendly bag from Relavel is ideal for those who always forget to charge their smartphones before heading for work. Available in a range of sizes, you'll have no trouble finding a tote that accommodates your favorite laptop or tablet. It will also keep your expensive tech protected during your morning commute, with the padded laptop compartment offering reliable shock absorption. Meanwhile, the waterproof materials mean it will cope well with any weather. 

This tote will also appeal to anyone who loves staying organized. Inside, there are 15 individual pockets and pouches, providing a space for everyday items like cosmetics, keys, and more. In terms of aesthetics, it's a fairly standard affair. If you prefer a more classic design, go for the navy canvas and brown faux leather. If you want something more contemporary, choose the gray and black colorway. For diehard fashionistas, the faux snakeskin design will go down well. 

This bag is designed for travel. While the height-adjustable shoulder strap isn't padded, it's thicker than what you'll find with many other totes. There's also a handy suitcase pocket on the outside. If you're heading away on vacation, you can slide this over the handles of your rolling suitcase and use it as carry-on luggage. Ultimately, it's the promise of a USB charging port that's going to get you most excited about this tote. However, you'll only find a USB port here, rather than an actual power source. If you want to charge your devices on the go, you'll need to purchase a power bank separately. 

Lovevook Laptop Backpack

Looking for something more casual? There's always the Lovevook Laptop Bag. This stylish backpack is available in two sizes, with the largest capable of comfortably storing a 17-inch laptop. You'll find a huge range of colors available, including standard black, yellow, maroon, and blue. Looking for something more eye-catching? This backpack can also be purchased in a variety of printed motifs, with everything from geometric patterns to animal motifs to choose from. 

In terms of practicality, the Lovevook Laptop Bag holds up well. Storage capacity is fairly generous, although the bulk of your storage is confined to a single large compartment and a separate laptop pouch. However, there are plenty of smaller pockets and mesh pouches to house things like smartphones, water bottles, and more. You'll also find an anti-theft pocket inside.

It's also fairly durable. The eco-friendly material will cope well against everyday wear and tear, although it's only water resistant, rather than completely waterproof. Breathable shoulder straps make this incredibly comfortable, while the perforated back panel will prevent you from overheating on warmer days. A luggage strap means you can attach these to rolling suitcases if you want to use them as carry-on luggage, while an integrated USB charging port can be hooked up to a power bank. 

Mosiso Laptop Bag

In the mood for something more colorful? The Mosiso Laptop Bag fits the bill nicely. Available in a range of dazzling floral and abstract designs, there's a style to satisfy every appetite here. However, while an eye-catching choice, this bag from Mosiso falls a little short when it comes to storage capacity. 

While there's more than enough room for your laptop and bare essentials, you'll struggle to house much else. The laptop compartment does offer reliable protection for your tech, while three outer pockets mean you can keep chargers, purses, and smartphones close to hand. A luggage strap also means you can slide this bag over the telescopic handles of a suitcase, making it a welcome addition to any travel itinerary. 

This is one of the sleekest laptop bags out there. If you're a fan of slimline design, it's a good choice. The hard-wearing polyester material will keep dust and moisture out while top-loading zippers allow for easy access. You can also adjust the shoulder strap at will to enhance carrying comfort. Want to use the Mosiso as a briefcase? Simply remove the shoulder strap and use the grab handles instead. 

Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Top-Handle Bag

If you value premium details, the Longchamp Le Pliage Neo is something to consider. It instantly appeals with its genuine leather construction and cross-grain textures. Furthermore, stunning satin finishes and silver-toned hardware put a modern twist on a fairly classic design. 

If you're looking for an everyday bag that can be repurposed as a teacher tote, this is worth thinking about. However, it's not designed with a demanding commute in mind. The spacious interior can certainly accommodate a laptop and a decent stack of papers. However, you'll need to invest in a separate laptop sleeve to ensure your tech is protected while you're on the go. 

Despite its limitations, the Longchamp Le Pliage Neo is fairly versatile. A detachable shoulder strap means you can wear this as a crossbody bag if you're carrying a heavy load. When you're not, the sturdy grab handles mean you can use this as a standard handbag. While it's definitely a design classic, the Le Pliage Neo comes with a fairly steep price tag. You can pick up similar designs at a fraction of the price. 

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What is the Best Bag for Teachers?

Teachers need to carry far more stuff than the average person. Books, papers, school supplies, and tech are just some of the things a typical teacher needs to take with them on any given day. If your work bag isn't made from durable materials, it's not going to last for more than a semester. This is where the Hulken comes in. With robust materials and a hard-wearing design, it's fit to carry the heaviest of loads. It's perfect for making light work of the morning commute or carting essentials from the trunk of a car to the classroom. 

It also doesn't disappoint when it comes to storage capacity. Even the smallest Hulken puts most totes to shame. If you need a significant amount of carrying capacity for those first days back at school, the largest Hulken is the way to go. With unbreakable grab handles and smooth-rolling stainless steel wheels, this is a bag that's never going to hold you back. 

Thinking about swapping out a tired tote for a work bag you can rely on? Explore the full Hulken range online today!

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