We Found the Best Work Bag for Women: It's cute, functional and will save your back

the best work bag for women

The No.1 Work Bag For Women: Function Meets Fashion

Struggling to decide which is the best work bag for women? You're not alone. Any working woman understands how much a reliable tote bag can transform the morning commute. Unlike everyday accessories, work bags need to fulfil many functions. They need to be roomy enough to house all your essentials and deliver when it comes to durability. Sometimes, however, functionality comes at a cost.

While a transport tote can provide you with ample storage, they usually score poorly when it comes to aesthetics. No matter how practical a work tote is, nobody wants to cart something around that's taking away from a put-together wardrobe. 

While the leather tote bag is often the go-to for working women looking for an everyday companion, it's not the only option. There's the humble messenger bag, the laptop backpack, and rolling totes to consider. Need help to find your new favorite tote for work? Read on for the full lowdown on what to look for when choosing an everyday tote that ticks all the right boxes. 

The Importance of Having a Good Work Bag

It's easy to concentrate on storage capacity when selecting a tote for work. While this is important, it's not the only factor you should be thinking about when selecting your next accessory. A large tote might boast an impressive capacity, but without a reinforced design, it's not going to hold up well to repeated use. Need some pointers to help you make the right choice? We've broken down the key selling points you should be looking at when choosing a stylish work bag that will perform well for years to come. 

Protect Your Valuables and Tech

When you're in a rush in the morning, it's easy to just throw all your essentials into the main compartment of a bag and head for the door. Unfortunately, crowded subway trains and packed-out buses aren't the best environments to navigate if you're carrying expensive tech and precious valuables. 

You'll need a hard-wearing tote that can cope with the demands of your daily commute. A faux leather tote might look the part, but this kind of material lasts for very long. Genuine leather tends to be more durable, but even this exclusive material will lose some of its luster over time. Cotton canvas is considered a poor eco-friendly and long-lasting alternative. While a canvas tote bag is fairly easy to clean and care for, this organic material won't last forever. Ultimately, it's best to stick with man-made fibers that can cope with will conditions.

Some bags guarantee waterproof performance. Others only offer partial water resistance. If you're caught in a shower, it's easy for essential tech like smartphones and laptops to become damaged. To safeguard their valuables against adverse weather, many women end up buying a separate laptop bag that needs to be slung over their other shoulders or stuffed in an already packed-out zip tote. 

When choosing a tote for work, make sure it's large enough to house your favorite tech. Do you need to carry a 17-inch laptop? Don't make the mistake of buying a laptop tote that's only going to accommodate a 14-inch model. If you don't want to end up scrambling around for loose chargers and adaptors, you'll also want to think about separate pockets. Alternatively, you'll need a tote large enough to house separate storage pouches to keep your tote interior organized. 

which is the best work bag for women

Look Professional and Put-Together

Never overlook the importance of style. A utilitarian tote with plenty of storage is all well and good, but don't sacrifice style for functionality. No matter what line of work you're in, first impressions count. A second-rate shoulder bag or laptop tote can instantly diminish any effort you've put into your wardrobe choices. 

The designer tote market is saturated with expensive designs. The Le Pliage Tote, Le Zip Sac, and Senreve Maestra Bag are all popular choices. While it's hard to fault the aesthetics of these bags, they don't come cheap. If you have money to burn, they're a worthwhile option. Just remember that you're paying over the odds for a label, rather than function. 

Many women think an understated classic tote with compact dimensions is the way to go. However, you don't even embrace small and unassuming designs to look the part. A zip-top medium transport tote can still look good, provided you're picking something with clean lines and simple details. 

Improve Your Daily Commute

If you don't have your own car and don't live within walking distance of your place of work, you're going to have to depend on public transport. On a good day, you'll struggle to find a free seat. On a bad one, you'll be battling with hundreds of people to even make it into a subway carriage. 

A basic crossbody bag or medium leather tote isn't really designed for this kind of punishment. You need a work bag that's ready to go when you are. Ideally, you need something that can be worn over the shoulder or grabbed in one hand. If you're looking for a design that will truly revolutionize the morning commute, think about a rolling tote instead. 

Another key factor is comfort. If your work bag is fully stocked with essentials, it's going to be pretty heavy. Reinforced handles aren't just going to prevent your bag from falling apart at the seams, they're also going to make schlepping around less of a strain. 

Ever found yourself struggling to retrieve a smartphone from the bottom of a full tote on a busy train? When you're packed in like sardines, elbow room usually is a luxury you don't have. To make your life easier, go for a tote with an open top that allows for easy retrieval of those everyday essentials.



Why the Hulken is the Best Bag for Women

Which is the best workwear bag for women? There are a lot of good options out there, but the Hulken Rolling Tote deserves an honorable mention. Designed to make schlepping as easy as possible, this versatile bag has endless applications. However, it's particularly well suited to working women looking to make their everyday routine a little bit easier. 

The Hulken brings together the best qualities of a rolling suitcase and a spacious tote bag. You'll find plenty of storage capacity for all your essentials, while a hard-wearing construction means you have a bag that's built to last. Want to do your part for the environment? Eco-friendly materials are standard here. What's more, the Hulken certainly delivers in the style stakes. Its low-key aesthetics make it a welcome addition to any accessory collection, no matter what line of work you're in. 

best work bag for women

Hulken's Features

Need more convincing that the Hulken Rolling Tote is the right choice for you? Let's take a look at the key selling features of this first-rate tote to see what sets it apart from other work bags on the market. 

Durability and Quality

A great work bag needs to perform well five days a week. If you're someone who regularly heads into the office on weekends or works extended hours, it needs to be particularly durable. Here, the Hulken excels. This tote is made from eco-friendly polypropylene, with this robust material delivering exceptional levels of durability. As well as coping well with everyday wear and tear, this hard-wearing material means you can make full use of the Hulken's generous capacity. Those reinforced seams will ensure the Hulken holds its shape well, even if you regularly push the 66 lb carrying capacity to its limit. 

Ever suffered the indignity of a gran handle or shoulder strap tearing free of your favorite tote in the middle of the office? The Hulken features unbreakable gran handles, meaning this kind of mishap is something you never need to worry about. A reinforced baseboard further enhances durability, ensuring your bag won't sag while you're on the move. Finally, the Hulken's rolling wheels are made from stainless steel. This remarkably strong alloy will take concrete surfaces like sidewalks in its stride. 

Design and Style

You don't have to ditch your style credentials just because you're investing in a more practical work bag. In fact, the Hulken is one of the most eye-catching designs on the market. This versatile tote is available in a range of colors. If you want to keep things simple, stick with standard black. If you're out to make more of an impression, choose stylish silver. For a more luxurious addition to your wardrobe, there's also rose gold. 

With its clean lines and subtle details, the Hulken makes a low-key addition to any workwear wardrobe. In short, you're never going to have to worry about whether your bag coordinates with your outfit choices ever again. 

Comfort and Convenience

Carrying convenience is another area where the Hulken impresses. Even the largest Hulken is incredibly manageable, those extra-large handles making it easy to carry it over your shoulder or haul it along like a rolling suitcase. Stainless steel wheels make the Hulken particularly practical. If you need to transport a heavy load to your workplace, you don't need to worry about putting a strain on your shoulders. Simply grab a handle and off you go. 

Don't have much free space at home? The Hulken's designed for storage-starved women in mind. Once you've emptied it, the Hulken can be folded flat and tucked away in the back of a closet or on top of a shelf with ease. 

What Else is the Hulken Good For?

While the Hulken is a great choice for working women, it's not just your morning commute that can benefit from this multifunctional tote. If you need to pick up some late-night shopping on your way home, the Hulken can be used as a grocery bag. Even the smallest Hulken will comfortably store a full bag of groceries. 

Once the weekend rolls around, the Hulken can be used for all manner of things. Need to attend to a full hamper of dirty clothes? The Hulken makes the perfect laundry bag. Planning a much-needed getaway to clear your head before you're back at your desk on Monday? The Hulken is great for trips to the beach or alfresco adventures. 

Silver Hulken folded hanging on the shoulder


Which is the Best Bag for Work?

A good work bag is hard to come by. Too many women end up spending a small fortune on designer labels, only to find their bag of choice is too small to house even the bare essentials. What's more, many designers prioritize style over function. Those authentic leather textures might look great, but how well is the material going to hold up to everyday use? 

A good bag needs to provide you with ample storage, especially if your line of work requires you to carry around more than a laptop and a few files. You also need something that protects your valuables, both from stick-fingered passersby and the elements. Ultimately, your work bag needs to make your daily routine as hassle-free as possible. A great bag should be comfortable and easy to carry while providing unrestricted access to what you need when you need it. 

In the market for a new work bag? The Hulken is the obvious choice. With its durable construction and quality materials, the Hulken will be your go-to accessory for a long time to come. What's more, it's an eco-friendly choice. It's also stylish, with an understated elegance and a range of classic colors to choose from. You'll have no trouble coordinating this tote with your workwear ensembles. Looking for something comfortable and convenient? With unbreakable handles, you're free to carry these tote over your arm or haul it along as a rolling tote. Here's everything you need to know about the size of a tote.

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Eager to see what all the fuss is about? Explore the full Hulken range for yourself today!

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