Silver Large Hulken bag on wheels
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Small Hulkens are expected to arrive mid-2023.

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14” X 8” X 19” (2.2 lb)
4 Wheels, 2 Handles
Capacity: 1 full grocery bags

16” X 12” X 20” (2.8 lb)
4 Wheels, 3 Handles
Capacity: 2-3 full grocery bags

20” X 16” X 24” (4 lb)
5 Wheels, 3 Handles
Capacity: 5-6 full grocery bags

- Folds flat for easy storage
- Can carry up to 66 lb
- Unbreakable handles
- Side handles length: 14”
- Front handle length: 16”
- Wheels height 1.7"
- Made of Polypropylene
- The bottom board is extruded from recycled material
- The wheels are made of Stainless Steel
- Designed in Switzerland, made in the EU

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Dimensions (L x W x H):

Small: 14” x 8” x 19” (2.2 lb)
Medium: 16” x 12” x 20” (2.8 lb)
Large: 20” x 16” x 24” (4 lb)


One of the most unique things about Hulken is how massive it is. Seriously... it is HUGE! The size guide below will help you find the size that best fits your needs.

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Equiped with strong stainless steel wheels.

The Hulken Love

No matter what your schlepping needs are - whether you want to transport laundry, get extra help when moving, get help carrying things for your work as a makeup artist or as a teacher, or anything in between - the Hulken will cover them all! 

We are constantly hearing great things from our happy customers who have made the Hulken a part of their everyday life and have seen its real benefits. Below you can see some testimonials from happy customers that have experienced how much easier their life gets when they have a Hulken in their back pocket!