Hulken Brings Effortless Grocery Shopping in the City

Hulken Brings Effortless Grocery Shopping in the City

There’s lots to love about city life. However, for many urbanites, grocery shopping can be a real challenge. Cabs can be expensive, while public transport isn’t always particularly reliable. This can make schlepping to and from the store a problem. Thankfully, all you need to take the strain out of shopping is a reliable foldable grocery cart with wheels. With the Hulken, grocery shopping just got a whole lot easier. 

Key Features of the Hulken Bag

Ready to take the hassle out of grocery shopping? It’s time to ditch those second-rate reusable bags and make the switch to something more practical instead. If you’re searching for a reliable tote to make carrying groceries in the city easier than ever, the heavy-duty Hulken is the perfect choice. 

Durable and Sturdy Construction

Totes are a tried and tested alternative to run-of-the-mill shopping bags. However, few totes hold up well to regular use. With the Hulken, you have a durable tote that can cope with daily trips to the grocery shop. Made from robust polypropylene, the Hulken is a breed apart from reusable grocery bags. 

What’s more, the patented memory fabric means the sides of your bag remain vertical while you’re schlepping from A to B. This means there’s no danger of your items falling out onto the sidewalk as you make your way back home. The Hulken also features a sturdy bottom board. This makes the tote far more stable than other bags on the market, while also increasing your carrying capacity considerably.

Ample Storage Capacity

If you’re someone who’s always adding something new to your grocery list, you’ll need a tote that doesn’t up short when it comes to storage capacity. Thankfully, the Hulken range means you don’t have to cut any corners when it comes to shopping. 

The smallest Hulken can store a full bag of groceries, while the largest can accommodate up to six. With its open-top design and roomy interior, packing your Hulken at the store takes moments. Once you’re home, retrieving your items and putting them away is equally straightforward. 

Reinforced Handles and Straps for Comfortable Carrying

It’s not just that memory fabric and sturdy bottom board that makes the Hulken so durable. Unbreakable handles mean you can carry your groceries home without working up a sweat. Although the Hulken itself is incredibly lightweight, this hardy tote can carry loads of up to 66 lbs. Even if you are carrying a full load, there’s no risk of seams fraying or those straps becoming loose. 

You can take advantage of the swivel wheels and pull your Hulken alongside you. However, you can also sling it over your shoulder as you would with an everyday tote. Perfect if you need to make a last-minute dash for the subway or need to tackle a flight of stairs. With the Hulken, you have a bag that’s ready for every adventure and any obstacle. 


Are you keen to reduce your carbon footprint? That grocery delivery service you’ve been using might be a time-saver, but it’s probably not the greenest way to do your shopping. Are you guilty of picking up reusable plastic bags every time you hit the store? If you’re not actually reusing those bags, they’re not a planet-friendly purchase. With its long-lasting design and recycled materials, the Hulken is the best choice for those who want to shop more sustainably. 



Hulken Bag Comes in 3 Standard Sizes

The Hulken range boasts three standard sizes: 

  • Small: 14x8x18 inches
  • Medium: 16x12x20 inches
  • Large: 20X16X24 inches

Looking for something for quick trips to the store to pick up last-minute essentials? The small Hulken is big enough to store a fully-stocked grocery bag. With the medium Hulken, you can store up to three full grocery bags. Have you filled up a shopping cart at the store? With the large Hulken, you can comfortably store up to half a dozen grocery bags. 


Where can I purchase Hulken tote bags?

If you’re looking to make your next trip to the grocery store go without a hitch, it’s time to pick up a Hulken bag. You can order yours via the Hulken website or by heading to Amazon

What are Hulken tote bags made of? 

The Hulken bag is constructed from hard-wearing polypropylene. Meanwhile, the bottom board is made from recycled material, making the Hulken an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic grocery bags. The Hulken’s swivel wheels are made from hard-wearing stainless steel. 

Are tote bags water-resistant or waterproof?

Although Hulken bags aren’t waterproof, they are water-resistant. This means you don’t have to worry about the quality of your bag suffering if you’re caught in a shower. 

Are Hulken tote bags unisex or gender-specific? 

Thanks to the Hulken’s stylish aesthetics and gender-neutral design, it’s a good fit for any user. 

How Do People Without Cars Go Grocery Shopping?

In New York City, less than half of households have access to a car. While public transport in big cities is usually pretty reliable, having to cart back a week’s worth of groceries can be a challenge. It’s little wonder that so many people are spending a small fortune on grocery delivery services. However, while these delivery services are certainly convenient, they come at a cost. Very quickly, you can find yourself spending almost as much on delivery as on your grocery list itself. 

For many budget-conscious city dwellers, braving public transport or walking to the store is the only option. The good news is a great bag can make any shopping trip run smoothly. With its unbreakable handles and swivel wheels, the Hulken provides you with a portable storage solution that can be used to carry groceries from the store to your kitchen cupboards. 

shopping bag with wheels

Tips for Efficiently Using the Hulken Bag in the City

Now you’ve decided to add the Hulken to your collection, you’ll need to ensure you’re getting the most out of your new accessory. Need some tips to make the best use of your new Hulken? We’ve got you covered. 

Preparing for Grocery Shopping

If you’re walking to the grocery store or using public transport, planning ahead is always a good idea. Firstly, make sure you’ve prepared a full shopping list. Are you someone who constantly switches between paper notes and phone memos? Bring together all those wayward entries and put together a final list. If you struggle to keep your weekly grocery list updated, think about downloading an app to your phone to make life even easier. 

Keen to make a saving? If you’re watching the pennies, it’s worth seeing if stores you don’t usually shop at are offering your go-to items at a discounted price. Weekly sales and short-term promotions can save you a surprising amount of cash. 

Now you know what to shop for, it’s time to actually get to the grocery store itself. Although the Hulken is designed with maximum mobility in mind, it still makes sense to think about your route. Will you be walking the entire way? Do you need to use public transport to get to where you’re going? Planning your route will save you precious time and let you prepare for any unexpected delays. 

Packing the Hulken Bag Effectively

Once you’ve finished your shop, make sure you’re packing your Hulken the right way. As well as making quick work of unpacking, an organized approach will ensure delicate items aren’t damaged in transit. 

Stack the heaviest items at the bottom of your Hulken. This includes things like canned goods and hard boxes. It’s tempting to add bulky items like bags of potatoes and other fresh produce at the bottom of your bag, but these can easily bruise if you dump extra weight on them. Next, start adding lighter items to your Hulken. Save the most fragile items for last to minimize the chance of breakage on the go. If you’re particularly worried about this, it’s worth bringing some cushioning material along with you. Bubble wrap is a good choice, but even old packing paper can work in a pinch. 

Do you already have a reusable grocery bag or two to hand? You can bring these along with your Hulken to help stay organized when loading up your tote at the store. 

Navigating the City with the Hulken Bag

The Hulken is a good fit for city dwellers and proud pedestrians. However, think about what you’ve actually purchased from the store before deciding on a mode of transportation. Have you picked up food supplies from the grocery store? If your items are on the heavy side, it makes more sense to jump on the subway or take a bus home. 

Are you traveling with very delicate items? If you’ve picked up expensive glassware or just picked out the perfect gift for someone special, it’s a good idea to spend a little money on a cab journey. The Hulken can be picked up and placed in the trunk of a vehicle with ease. What’s more, its sturdy design means your items aren’t likely to shift in transit. 

If you’re navigating the city on foot, the Hulken is the perfect helper for grocery shopping. Thanks to its swivel wheels, tight spaces and sharp corners don’t present a challenge for this bag. If you come up against a staircase, simply lift the bag by its grab handles and sling it over your shoulder. 

Take the Effort Out of Grocery Shopping with the Hulken 

Grocery shopping in a busy city can be a challenge if you don’t have access to your own car. However, stocking up on your everyday essentials doesn’t have to be a chore. With the right foldable grocery bag at your side, it’s easy to take all the hassle out of shopping. 

Durable, easy to use, and incredibly stylish, the Hulken is every shopper’s constant companion. Explore the full range online for yourself today.

Need a travel bag with wheels, or a wheeled tote bag for work? The Hulken is the best choice no matter what adventure you have in mind.

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