We are Launching a New Hulken: Check this Schlepping Upgrade!

We are Launching a New Hulken: Check this Schlepping Upgrade!

Schlepping is about to become more fun and effortless, thanks to our new, upgraded Hulken rolling tote bags that offer more functionality while maintaining the original Hulken bags’ simplicity and overall aesthetic.

Why Are We Launching a New and Improved Hulken?



We know how much our clients appreciate the Hulken tote bag’s multi-functionality. From grocery runs to vacations, our stylish bags are essential for anyone looking to make their life easier. So you might wonder, why switch to a new version when the current one works perfectly?

You spoke, and we listened. The lightweight Hulken rolling tote bag has been a game changer for our clients. Thanks to our largest size that can schlep up to five shopping bags, you no longer need to make countless trips from the car to the house. That’s right! Why walk around with multiple plastic bags when you can fit them all in one multi-purpose bag? Some of our customers have mentioned being able to place bulky content creation equipment such as ring lights and other shooting items. And thanks to our sturdy wheels, you can easily pull it on the sidewalk or airport. And when you don’t have much luggage, you only have to carry it over your shoulder like any other tote bag.This make the Hulken bag your  perfect travel bag with wheels, but also foldable grocery bag, and wheeled tote bag for work.

Now imagine all these massive benefits but better. Thanks to customer feedback and loyalty, the Hulken product development team was able to identify features that were of the highest concern. The group gained valuable ideas needed for product enhancements.

Bearing in mind the Hulken’s best functionalities, our goal for this new product is to reflect your needs sustainably and fashionably. Here’s how.

Features of the New Hulken

Now the OG Hulken comes in three sizes, has three sturdy handles, and up to five stainless wheels that whirl 360 degrees. The new Hulken rolling tote is about to blow you away. We are bringing you an all-in-one product with improved quality and even more powerful features that will make schlepping a breeze.

Integrated Cover

If you have used any of our Hulken tote bags, you must be aware that the current designs come with a topper you purchase separately to seal the bag. This topper comes in handy during rainy days or for locations where you would prefer your bag contents to remain hidden.

Say bye-bye to the separate topper. The new Hulken comes with the cover attached, so you don’t have to worry about two different purchases. Schlepping in the busy cities in your spaceship-like silver or rose gold Hulken just got better.

Even Sturdier Wheels

bag with sturdy wheels
Depending on the size, your Hulken rolling tote bag comes in four or five stainless steel wheels. Get ready for an even more seamless pulling thanks to the sturdier wheels. With the new Hulken, you will manage to wheel your bag across office hallways, and the person in an enclosed cubicle might not hear you come in! How cool is that? Rolling bags can attract attention, especially when walking in a quiet area. We listened to and implemented your feedback with the new Hulken wheeled tote bags.

Improved Quality

Our Hulken rolling tote bags come in durable polypropylene material and robust handles that withstand heavy items weighing about 30 kg. Moreover, the collapsible feature is perfect for your NYC apartment when you want to utilize every available space. Let’s not forget how easy it is to clean the bag. All you need are disinfectant wipes, and voilà your tote bag is ready for the next schlepping adventure.

The new Hulken bag promises all the features in the OG designs and also boasts some improvements. We are talking sturdier pulling handles, a lustrous exterior, and quieter and sturdier wheels, all fitted in sustainable material.

When Are We Launching the New Hulken?

Home organizers, parents looking for multi-purpose bags, and artists carrying bulky equipment are about to be awed once the new Hulken tote bags come out. Make sure you’re the first in line, and don’t wait until it goes viral to cop a sleek rose gold design. Join our waitlist to receive our newsletters and be the first to interact with the upgraded Hulken this June!

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