Why Tote Bag Handles Matter: Functionality and Style

Why Tote Bag Handles Matter: Functionality and Style

Tote bags are one of the most heavy-duty accessories around. Generously proportioned with ample space for all your essentials, it’s tempting to go overboard when packing a tote for the day ahead. While high-quality totes can cope with a bulky load, overstuffing the interior is never a good idea. The overall structure of your bag might be durable enough, but the same might not be true of those tote bag handles

Sadly, too many tote bags feature second-rate straps and handles. These are an integral part of a tote bag, rather than a decorative flourish. What’s more, as tote handles are integrated into the body of the bag itself, a snapped strap or frayed attachment point can put your tote out of action for good. A great tote should serve you well for years, with the most versatile designs suitable for just about any occasion. When choosing your next rolling tote bag, don’t be tempted by designer logos and unsustainable materials. Instead, it’s time to give tote bag handles the attention they deserve. 

The Importance of Having Comfortable Handles 

You might have spent a small fortune on a designer tote made from genuine leather, but those premium finishes don’t mean a thing if your bag isn’t comfortable to wear. When shopping for a new accessory, many people overlook bag straps when making a decision. 

Admittedly, tote and purse handles are rarely the most interesting things about a design. However, a second-rate bag strap can make a big-ticket tote almost impossible to wear. Leather handles have an air of luxury about them, but this rugged material isn’t always comfortable when a bag is slung over the shoulder. If you’re hauling a tote for hours at a time, a poorly designed shoulder strap can feel almost unbearable as it sinks into your skin and puts serious strain on your spine. 

Just one bad experience with uncomfortable bag handles is enough to convince most people to ditch a bag for good. By contrast, a well-designed tote with wide handles will become a firm favorite and constant companion. By properly distributing weight, you’ll be able to store a lot more in your tote, without struggling with the added load. 



Introducing Hulken Tote Bag Handles 

A crossbody bag is synonymous with its barely-there shoulder strap and compact dimensions. Designer shoppers often come with leather bag handles, while a gym-ready duffel may fall short as far as shoulder strap measurements are concerned. When it comes to tote bags, handles are a key part of the overall structure. 

With the Hulken rolling tote, bag handles are at the forefront of design, rather than an afterthought. One of the biggest benefits of a tote is its versatility. While some bags can be carried over one shoulder, it’s the double grab handles that define this essential accessory. The Hulken features unbreakable handles that won’t let you down. You can fill your Hulken to maximum capacity, without having to worry about the structural integrity of your go-to companion. 

This commitment to quality and durability can be found throughout the Hulken. Industrial materials make this a hard-wearing alternative to a standard leather bag or canvas shopping bag. The Hulken isn’t just intended to make your life easier, it’s built to last. 

Comfortable Carry Experience 

If you’re an avid crafter, you’ve probably picked out a stylish sewing pattern and attempted DIY bag-making before. Tote bags are usually the first design that people tackle, but it’s not always easy to create a durable accessory that can cope with heavy loads. Cotton webbing is a great material for making tote straps more robust, but you’ll need to upgrade to something like sustainable the Hulken to guarantee maximum comfort and carrying convenience. 

Ergonomic Design 

Compared to other styles of bag, totes are fairly simple in appearance. Nonetheless, ergonomic design plays a key role in the comfort credentials of a tote. When choosing a tote that won’t hold you back, you need to be looking for balanced designs, generously proportioned grab handles, and high-grade material that won’t burrow into your body if you’ve slung your accessory over one shoulder. 

Weight Distribution 

Because of their fairly simple design and profile, equal weight distribution is common with tote bags. However, some are better than others in this regard. Some people think a tote with many internal compartments will allow for better distribution. However, your everyday essentials are unlikely to be a perfect fit for those compact pouches and pockets. For comfort, a spacious tote with an open-plan interior is the better option. This way, you can move contents around as you distribute your carrying load. If you do want to bring some organization to the inside of your tote, removable dividers can be used to create order. 

Secure Attachment Points

How many bags have you had to say goodbye to in the past few years? If it’s not a stuck zipper rendering your shoulder bag useless, it’s a purse handle or shoulder bag strap detaching from its anchor point. Once a bag handle pulls away from its attachment point, there’s no easy fix. Aged leather straps can be difficult to replace while finding a replacement strap for a beach bag can prove nigh on impossible. Even if you do perform a repair, those handles are never going to be as robust as they once were. For peace of mind, always choose a tote with reinforced attachment points that won’t fray or weaken over time, no matter how full the interior is. 

Sustainable Materials

A leather handle and premium materials might give you some designer-level credibility, but they don’t exactly sit well with fashionistas looking to live more sustainably. Even natural fabrics like cotton aren’t particularly eco-friendly. Huge volumes of water are consumed to produce relatively little cotton canvas, putting a strain on the environment. To do your bit for the planet, choose a tote that’s made from long-lasting industrial materials instead. The Hulken’s durable polypropylene structure makes it incredibly robust and ensures it retains its shape with ease. What’s more, the reinforced base is made from recycled materials, making it even more sustainable. 

Hulken Size Guide 

Looking to lighten the load during your morning commute? Perhaps you’re searching for a roomy tote to make grocery shopping easier. The Hulken is available in two different sizes, providing you with the perfect dimensions for any occasion. 

The medium Hulken measures 16 x 12 x 30 inches and weighs just three pounds. Inside, you’ll find ample space for storing three full bags of groceries, while three unbreakable handles ensure maximum comfort at all times. Want to take a load off? The medium Hulken comes with four stainless steel wheels for effortless rolling over most surfaces. 

Looking to go with a bigger design? The large Hulken measures 20 x 16 x 24 inches, providing you with enough storage space for five full bags of groceries. If you’re carrying a full load, three handles make it easy to distribute weight. Of course, you can rely on those smooth-rolling wheels once again if you’d rather schlep with your Hulken at your side. 

Choose the Tote with Unbreakable Handles

Are you tired of dealing with broken tote bag handles? An integral part of any tote bag, these go-to accessories are pretty much useless once a handle breaks. However, you don’t need to settle for an endless cycle of snapped straps and uncomfortable journeys. 

What's more, the Hulken is three in one - your new favorite shopping bag on wheels, travel bag with handles, and wheeled tote bag for work.

If you’re ready to replace your current bag with a tote that will stand the test of time, it’s time to explore the Hulken range for yourself. Head to the Hulken website to learn more about this hard-wearing accessory and those unbreakable handles. Alternatively, head to Hulken’s Amazon store to place your order. 

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