Carrying Books Without a Backpack: Our Best Hacks

Carrying Books Without a Backpack: Our Best Hacks

If you’re a student, educator, or avid reader, books are a staple of your everyday routine. While there’s nothing wrong with a love of literature, hauling around all that reading material is no easy task. For most people, backpacks are the go-to choice for book transport. While they’re practical enough, they’re not the most stylish of accessories. Looking to mix things up a little? Read on for some brilliant backpack alternatives you can put to use straight away. 

The Backpack-Free Challenge

Backpacks are advertised as a comfortable and convenient way to carry your essentials from A to B. However, if you’re looking for an ergonomic backpack with posture-friendly padding, expect to pay a premium. Even then, there’s aesthetics to think about. There’s no denying that some backpacks are more beautiful than others, but few designs are going to elevate your outfitting. Fortunately, finding freedom from backpacks is easier than you might think. 

Everyday Scenarios

Far from being the only choice for transporting books, there are many times when a backpack isn’t your best option. Are you traveling with rare editions or delicate literature? Even when wrapped and sealed in protective material, it’s never a good idea to carry those precious reads in a backpack. Any backpack user will know that contents shift in transit. The slightest knock can cause untold damage to an antique manuscript or expensive first edition. 

Do you require ready access to the books you’re carrying with you? You might be a teacher who needs to dish out reading material to students. Perhaps you’re an aspiring author selling your latest self-published novel at a book fair. Backpacks might get your books to their destination, but their usefulness ends there. 

Benefits of Backpack-Free

If you’re worried about the health of your spine and the state of your posture, you probably think that a backpack is your best possible option. This might be true if you were traveling with barely any cargo, but a small library of books is going to put considerable pressure on your back, shoulders, and arms. A heavy backpack will start digging into your shoulders within seconds, followed by the telltale tingle of pins and needles. The longer you’re carrying a laden backpack, the more likely it is you’ll end up with temporary numbness. 

When you bid farewell to the backpack, you’re also saying goodbye to all that unwanted strain. Without a heavy load pulling you down, you’ll also benefit from improved balance. Perfect if you’re someone who struggles to stay upright at the best of times. 

Do you prefer your clothing perfectly pressed and free of wrinkles? Wearing a heavy backpack for just a few minutes will lead to unsightly creases. When you use an alternative book-carrying solution, you don’t have to worry about this. Likewise, you won’t have to contend with embarrassing sweat patches caused by clingy backpacks on summer days. 

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The Best Alternatives for Carrying Books

Decided it’s time to ditch the backpack and try something new? Below are some of the best alternatives for getting your literature from A to B. 

The Hulken Rolling Tote

When it comes to ease of carrying, nothing beats a rolling tote. Bags like the Hulken will become the standout of your accessory collection. Made from robust materials and built to last, the Hulken doesn’t skimp on carrying capacity. What’s more, the open-top design of the Hulken allows for instant retrieval of stored literature. 

This rolling tote also trounces backpacks when it comes to ease of carrying. You’ll wonder what you ever saw in shoulder straps when you get acquainted with the Hulken’s swivel wheels and retractable handle. Engineered to glide smoothly across almost any surface, the Hulken’s wheels make quick work of corners and crowds. When you need to climb stairs or pick up the pace, the Hulken can become an impromptu shoulder tote. With unbreakable handles, even a fully-stocked Hulken isn’t going to buckle under the pressure. 

Wrap-and-Go Techniques

If modern solutions aren’t your thing, there’s always the wrap-and-go technique. People have been using this method since the dawn of printed literature itself. Simply lay a piece of fabric out flat, place your books on top, and fold for a convenient way to protect and transport your books

For a stylish twist on this traditional book-carrying technique, search through your closet for a spare scarf or handmade pashmina. If you own either, just about any piece of fabric that’s large enough to enshroud your books will do. 

Utilizing Clothing Pockets

Seeking a stylish transport method for your beloved books? If you class yourself as a snappy dresser, consider whether your garments can be used to store and haul your reading material. Do you live in denim and lightweight layers? You’ll struggle to cram even the smallest book into an available pocket. However, you’ll have more luck with loose-fitting jumpsuits, oversized shirts, and outerwear. Just be cautious when loading those pockets with literature, taking care not to damage delicate seams. 

Tech Solutions for the Modern Reader

Many literature lovers don’t actually own that many paperbacks or hardbound editions. Instead, their reading library is almost exclusively digital. If you’re keen to lighten the load but don’t want to say goodbye to your favorite novels, short stories, and poetry anthologies, consider investing in an e-reader. 

Some purists pine for the weight and feel of a physical book in their hands, but you can’t deny the appeal of freeing yourself up from all that extra weight. Just make sure you’re keeping your new piece of tech well-protected. A quality pouch or e-reader sleeve will safeguard your hardware while you’re on the move. You can even invest in a few different designs, ensuring you always have the perfect color or pattern to coordinate with the outfit you’re wearing. 

Why are Rolling Totes Convenient for Carrying Books?

Backpacks might be the convenient choice for some things. They’re great for hands-free hikes and as a secondary storage solution while you’re on the move. However, all their benefits fall away once you’ve filled the main compartment with a truckload of books. What’s more, backpacks aren’t designed to cope with heavy loads regularly. Use one to cart a library’s worth of books around daily, and you’ll soon have to contend with frayed seams and sagging fabric. 

With a rolling tote, none of this is a problem. The clue’s in the name really. Designed to cope with heavy loads, totes take all the effort out of book transport. With its sturdy construction and swivel wheels, the Hulken goes one further, providing you with a convenient way of getting your books from A to B in style. You can use your Hulken as a shopping bag with wheels, as well as a wheeled travel bag.

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Discover the full Hulken range online today. Alternatively, head to Hulken’s Amazon store to place your order. 

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