Yes. We always strive to make products our customers love. Test it on your next schlep and make sure it's right for you—if not, you can return it anytime within the first 30 days of purchase for a full refund. To be eligible for a return - your bag must be in good condition and in the original packaging, folded in the same way you received the bag. Folding the bag to fit in a smaller packaging may damage the bag. Note that we can't accept partial returns from our bundles. Please contact us at to request a return or exchanges.
The current version of the Hulken rolls on 4 or 5 (depending on bag size) small yet powerfull Stainless Steel wheels. It is true that bigger wheels give you the option to pull a bag up the stairs by yourself but we took a different approach with the Hulken design. We avoided big clunky wheels that are messy and tend to break easily so you will have the option to fold the bag completely flat for easy storage at home. In addition, we added 5 unbreakable handles (3 long ones plus 2 tight on the sides) to give more options for lifting when necessary.
Hulkens are made of polypropylene, polyethylene and 'memory fabric' which is a combination of several layers that keep the bag standing upright for simple and stress-free packing. The bottom board is extruded from recycled material. The swivel wheels are made of Stainless Steel. 
The recommended weight limit is 66 lb (30 kilos).
Hulken is built to last for a long time. Made of very strong industrial materials and Stainless Steel wheels, the bag can carry 66 lb (30 kilos) easily. Hulken was designed with rigorous industrial research and trials. Wear and tear may occur over time, especially if loading the Hulken frequently with heavy loads.
Hulken doesn't a built-in cover (or zippers) but a specially designed Hulken cover can be purchased separately.
Yes. However, Hulken is not waterproof, and is not meant to be filled with any kind of liquid.
Yes. The interior of the Hulken is non-toxic food grade under European Union standards.
You can wash your Hulken gently by hand, with warm water and a sponge. Do not put your Hulken in a washing machine.
Scrape off bits of debris and dirt with a butter knife or the tip of a screwdriver. A pair of tweezers can help you pull bits of hair and dirt from the caster's shaft. A bit of lubrication can help keep them rolling smooth. If the spray lubricant has a long small tube attached to the button spray, insert this tube closest to the metal shaft on which the wheel turns and spray a bit of lubricant there. Avoid spraying the face of the wheel that touches the floor, as doing so will spread lubricant onto your floor. Wipe excess lubricant with a clean lint-free cloth.
Wipe all surfaces, handles and wheels with a disinfecting wipe (such as Clorox) - this should not affect the bag's quality. Alternatively, the wheels can be sprayed with a disinfectant (such as Lysol).
Not at this time- we currently ship only in the US.
No. Hulken can't be used as a checked in luggage at the airport.


Open your Hulken and slide all 3 long handles through the cover holes
Slide long handles


Slide the flaps behind the 2 tight handles, wrap around and secure with Velcro
Slide flaps


Close all gaps in between the handles with Velcro - a light pinch will do the job!
Close with Velcro
Your Hulken will naturally fold in one direction only. If folding to one side feels rigid then try folding to the other side.

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