Meet the Hulken: Foldable Grocery Bag with Wheels

Grocery shopping is one of life's essential tasks that has been made much easier thanks to the Hulken Foldable Grocery Bag with Wheels. This innovative product has revolutionized the grocery shopping experience by making it more convenient and efficient.

The Hulken foldable grocery bag on wheels eliminates the need to carry multiple bags, as it can easily store and transport numerous items. It is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it easy to store and transport from store to home. 

With its durable construction and convenient design, the Hulken foldable grocery bag is the perfect solution for anyone looking to make grocery shopping more efficient, painless and hassle-free.

The Rolling Grocery Bag

The Hulken rolling grocery bag boasts a unique, lightweight, and convenient design that solves a common problem for grocery shoppers. It comes in three colors; black, silver, and rose. This foldable grocery bag with wheels makes grocery shopping easier than ever, as it also comes in different sizes; 

  • Small: 14x8x18 inches
  • Medium: 16x12x20 inches
  • Large: 20X16X24 Inches

With its different variations, it is designed to roll up to 66 pounds of groceries and is light enough for anyone to use. The Hulken rolling grocery bag is made of a durable polypropylene material, ensuring that it will last for a long time. The tote also has a large capacity so that you can fit your groceries, including other grocery bags, easily and comfortably. 

The Hulken rolling grocery bag is also designed to be folded down (completely straight), making it easy to store in a closet, under the bed, or in the trunk of a car. Essentially, the Hulken rolling grocery bag is also environmentally friendly, with its bottom board made from recycled materials, and it can be reused time and time again, avoiding the need of single-use plastic bags

Making your Grocery Shopping Easier

If you're looking for a way to make grocery shopping more manageable, the Hulken rolling grocery bag with wheels is the perfect solution! This rolling grocery bag features stainless steel wheels, so you no longer have to carry multiple heavy loads. The wheels are designed to maneuver quickly, while the collapsible design ensures effortless folding for easy storage.

The Hulken tote bag makes it easier to transport groceries from the car to the house, from store to store, and even on cracked surfaces. It is also easy to open and close, with the pockets and compartments making it stress-free to organize and find the items you need.

With its sturdy construction and adjustable straps, the Hulken foldable grocery bag with wheels is perfect for a busy and efficient shopping trip. In a word, Hulken makes grocery shopping easier by providing a convenient and comfortable way to shop.

Get the Hulken Grocery Bag Today

Looking for ways to make your grocery shopping trips easier? The Hulken grocery bag, with its innovative and convenient design, is perfect for any grocery-shopping enthusiast, providing a comfortable and effortless shopping experience. 

With its wheel system that enables easy maneuverability around stores, durable, lightweight material, and several pockets for added storage, it is indeed the ideal companion for your next grocery trip. 

Get the Hulken today and experience the ultimate in convenience and ease.

Grocery Rolling Tote FAQ


Here are some useful tips for keeping your Hulken in good shape for the long run:

  • Make sure not to overload the bag (66 lb max).
  • Load the bag by distributing the weight evenly on all sides as much as possible.
  • Always fold your Hulken as shown in the video here and store it when not in use. Folding it in any other way may damage it.
  • Your Hulken will naturally fold in one direction only. Always fold it with the pull handle on your right-hand side, so it folds correctly.
  • When pulling a full Hulken up a step or curbside, stop as close as possible to the step, lift the bag with the front handle and slowly pull the bag up while making sure the bottom isn't scrapping the floor.


You can find the Hulken rolling grocery bag, which is lightweight and foldable, on the Hulken website and on Amazon


The amount of groceries you can fit varies according to the size of the Hulken rolling tote you purchase or according to your errands. But essentially, you can fit two to three regular grocery bags in the medium-size Hulken tote and about four to six regular grocery bags in the large Hulken tote or approximately 66 lbs. (30 kgs). All in all, ensure you always assess your Hulken rolling tote's dimensions.

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