The Hulken Shopping Bag with Wheels

shopping totes with wheels

If you love nothing more than a good dose of retail therapy, your life just became a whole lot easier thanks to the Hulken Shopping Bag with Wheels. Lightweight and foldable, this practical shopping bag is the perfect alternative to carrying countless totes. With its generous dimensions, you'll be able to tick every last item off your shopping list without having to break your back.

shopping bag with wheels

The Shopping Bag on Wheels

The Hulken makes schlepping easier and comes into its own when it comes to shopping. Hard-wearing materials and unbreakable handles mean you won't have to worry about bags splitting open at the worst possible time. There's a Hulken bag for every shopaholic, with three standard sizes available: 

  • Small: 14x8x18 inches
  • Medium: 16x12x20 inches
  • Large: 20X16X24 inches

Once you've settled on a size, take your pick from three gorgeous color options, including classic black, stylish silver, and luxurious rose gold. Designed to make those everyday errands as hassle-free as possible, the Hulken shopping is ideal for when you need to head out for last-minute buys or want to spend long days scouring the sales.

The Best Bag with Wheels for Shopping!

If you're looking for a multi-purpose shopping bag that's eco-friendly, fashionable, and cleverly designed, the Hulken is the obvious choice. This satchel-on-wheels takes all the effort out of shopping trips, leaving you free to stock up on staples and impulse buys alike. 

Unlike many other totes, the Hulken boasts an open-top design, making it quick and easy to safely stow your purchases. It's also bigger than many other totes on the market, while the stainless steel swivel wheels glide smoothly alongside sidewalks. Once you're back home and have unpacked, the Hulken can be folded away for convenient storage.

shopping totes with wheels

Shopping Bag on Wheels FAQ

1. What can I use instead of plastic bags when I go shopping?

You know the feeling when thin plastic handles are pushing through your fingers from all the shopping bags you’re carrying? Plastic bags aren't particularly eco-friendly. These bags are also prone to tearing, allowing for a lot of uncomfortable situations in the middle of shopping sprees. Made from durable polypropylene, the Hulken bag is a hard-wearing alternative that will comfortably cope with big shopping hauls.

2. Is the Hulken a foldable shopping bag with wheels?

Yes. When you're not using it, the Hulken folds flat and can be tucked away out of sight until you need it again.

3. What are the best rolling shopping bags for storage?

A good rolling shopping bag needs to be ready for all eventualities. You'll want something durable that can comfortably carry the spoils from day-long shopping trips. You'll also want something that can be used every day if needed, without succumbing to wear and tear. Swivel wheels also make your life easier, giving you a bag that goes exactly where you need it to. The Hulken rolling shopping bag ticks all these boxes and more.

4. Where can I find a lightweight folding shopping bag on wheels?

Looking for the perfect folding bag for your shopping trips? You'll find the full range of Hulken shopping bags on the Hulken website and Amazon.

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