14" x 8" x 18"
2.2 lb
2 handles (no pull handle), 4 wheels
Capacity: 1 full grocery bags

Narrower than the rest, this miniature Hulken can easily fit a full grocery bag. Perfect for small errands and a great addition to your Hulken collection!
small Hulken

16" x 12" x 20"
2.8 lb
3 handles, 4 wheels
Capacity: 2-3 full grocery bags

Perfect for bringing home 2-3 full grocery bags, schlepping around books on campus or tools for your next job. If you’re new to Hulken we recommend starting with that one!
Medium Hulken

20" x 16" x 24"
4 lb
3 handles, 5 wheels
Capacity: 5-6 full grocery bags

Large is absolutely MASSIVE. It’s perfect if you lug a lot of sizable items. Recommended for home organizers, interior designers, musicians and other pros that schlep large items. Many will return the large one thinking it’s too big! So look at the dimensions closely.
Large Hulken