Small (14 x 8 x 19")

Narrower than the rest, this miniature Hulken can easily fit a full grocery bag. Perfect for small errands and a great addition to your Hulken collection!
Small Hulken

Medium (16 x 12 x 20")

Perfect for bringing home 2-3 full grocery bags, schlepping around books on campus or tools for your next job. If you’re new to Hulken we recommend starting with that one!
Medium Hulken

Large (
20 x 16 x 24")

Much larger than the average reusable grocery bag- this one is recommended if you transport a ton of equipment. Many will return the large one thinking it’s too big! So look at the dimensions closely.

Large Hulken

XLarge (22 x 18 x 26")

This one is MASSIVE. A grown-up person can easily fit in it! It’s perfect if you lug a lot of sizable items. Recommended for home organizers, interior designers, musicians and pros that schlep large items. XLarge comes in Glossy Black only.

XLarge Hulken