The Hulken Travel Bag with Wheels and Handles

large tote bags for travel

If you're looking to take the stress out of long journeys, the Hulken Travel Bag with Wheels and Handles is the perfect accessory. This revolutionary travel tote provides you with ample storage space, with a variety of practical features making getting from A to B easier than ever before. What's more, thanks to its lightweight design, you'll have no trouble flying through an airport terminal, a road trip or on a train platform. 

Large / Rose Gold

Lightweight Travel Bag with Wheels

The Hulken travel bag is a worthwhile investment if you're someone who enjoys regular trips away. Its lightweight makes schlepping easy, even if the inside compartment is fully packed with all your must-haves. If you're thinking about investing in the Hulken, you can take your pick from three different sizes: 

  • Small: 14x8x18 inches
  • Medium: 16x12x20 inches
  • Large: 20X16X24 inches

The largest size is ideal for families going on a road trip and carrying a variety of odd-sized items (ski shoes? Helmets? Sports gear? We got that covered). Frequent flyers can use the smallest Hulken as carry-on luggage as it perfectly fits overhead. All sizes fold flat when you're not using them, meaning they can be stored away in even the tiniest hotel room. What's more, with rose, black, and silver to choose from, the Hulken travel bag isn't lacking in the style department.

The Best Bag as a Travel Companion!

If you're searching for something to make your journeys go without a glitch, the Hulken travel bag with wheels and handles is an essential investment. This eco-friendly travel tote boasts stainless steel wheels that will glide smoothly across all manner of surfaces, even when your bag is carrying a heavy load. The Hulken can carry up to 66 lbs, with unbreakable handles that allow any person of any height to pull it with ease.

If you're on the hunt for a tote that's lightweight, durable, and easy to use, no other travel bag comes close.

large tote bags for travel

Travel Bag on Wheels FAQ

1. Can the Hulken be used as a travel bag?

Absolutely! The small-sized Hulken is the perfect substitute for your typical carry-on suitcase, while the medium and large sizes can be used for road trips and train trips. What's more, the Hulken's robust construction and innovative wheel system ensure it will hold up well to long-distance trips and regular use.

2. What are the best traveling bags with wheels?

A good traveling bag needs to be practical and durable. With its stainless steel frame, swivel wheels, and foldable design, the Hulken takes all the effort out of journeys, long or short.

3. Where can I find a travel bag with wheels?

Looking to make your next trip away a less stressful one? You'll find the Hulken travel bag available on the Hulken website, as well as on Amazon.

Large / Black
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