The Hulken Wheeled Tote Bag for Work

wheeled tote bag for work

If you're looking to make the working day go a little more smoothly, the Hulken Wheeled Tote Bag for Work is the way to go. This multipurpose bag is the perfect choice for professionals such as hair stylists, makeup artists, teachers and interior designers who need to keep a sizable inventory close to hand at all times. Lightweight and incredibly portable, the Hulken wheeled bag is the multipurpose tote you've always dreamed of.

rolling totes for work

Rolling Work Bag for Teachers

Teachers have a tough job at the best of times, but schlepping school essentials from A to B can be made much easier with the wheeled tote bag. The Hulken can comfortably carry loads of up to 66 lb, making it ideal for educators using public transport who can't exactly travel light. The Hulken is available in three different sizes: 

  • Small: 14x8x18 inches
  • Medium: 16x12x20 inches
  • Large: 20X16X24 inches

The hard-wearing Hulken makes lugging heavy objects a breeze. What's more, it's perfect for moving stacks of papers and other classroom essentials from the trunk of your car to the classroom. Fold it away when you're not using it, or keep it fully stocked as a mobile storage solution.

The Best Hair Stylist Travel - and Makeup Case on Wheels

Hair stylists and makeup artists need to have a full repertoire of brushes, curlers, tweezers, and more ready to go at all times.  The Hulken wheeled tote bag provides stylists with a convenient way to cart their workday essentials with them, without breaking a sweat. 

Every Hulken is equipped with stainless steel swivel wheels for easy maneuverability, while unbreakable grab handles mean you'll have trouble getting your gear to where it needs to be. It's also a stylish choice, with classic color options including rose gold, silver, and black.

wheeled tote bag for work

Rolling Tote Bag for Work FAQ

1. Can the Hulken bag be used as a work bag?

Yes, the Hulken bag makes a great work tote. This multi-purpose bag can be rolled with heavy loads, or slung over the shoulder if you packed light that morning.

2. What are the best rolling totes for work?

If you're using a rolling tote every single day, you'll want it to be durable. Made from robust polypropylene and reinforced with a sturdy bottom board, the Hulken wheely tote bag won't let you down.

3. How can the Hulken be used as a rolling makeup case?

The Hulken wheeled tote is large enough that will accommodate just about any makeup box or vanity case. Alternatively, stock it with makeup brushes, powder palettes, and everything else you'll need for the day ahead. Once you've arrived at work, all your items will be instantly accessible.

4. What is the best hair stylist travel case?

Looking for a travel case to house flat irons, blow dryers, hairsprays, gels, and mousses? The Hulken work tote will fit all these and more.

5. Can the Hulken be used as a rolling work bag for teachers?

Absolutely! Because of its robust construction and durable materials, the Hulken is ideal for storing bulky items and stacks of books.

6. Where can I find a work bag with wheels?

Looking for a lightweight and foldable work bag? You'll find the full Hulken range on the Hulken website and Amazon.

7. What is the best rolling tote bag for professional organizers?

If your vocation is helping other people declutter, you'll need a quality rolling tote you can bring along with you. The Hulken is just the ticket for toting things like tools, tape, labels, cleaning supplies, and all your favorite storage baskets from The Container Store.

8. What bag on wheels are interior designers using?

Successful interior designers need to make the right impression when meeting a client for the first time. Let prospective clients know that you mean business by turning up with a Hulken wheeled tote. The largest size is more than big enough to house things like mood boards, color cards,  fabric swatches, and even styling items such as cushions, frames and much more.

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