Hulken and Beautyblender Launch Beautyblender Pink Hulken Bag for Makeup Artists, Stylists, and Creatives on the Move

Hulken and Beautyblender Launch Beautyblender Pink Hulken Bag for Makeup Artists, Stylists, and Creatives on the Move

[New York City, February 1, 2024] - Hulken, the pioneer in durable and foldable rolling bags, is excited to announce its collaboration with Beautyblender, the revolutionary force in the beauty industry. Together, they present the limited edition Beautyblender Pink Hulken, a versatile and stylish travel companion for makeup artists, hair stylists, and creative professionals on the move.

Made in collaboration with the award-winning Beautyblender team, the Beautyblender Pink Hulken is set to launch on Thursday, February 1st. This exclusive collaboration brings together the expertise of Hulken in crafting convenient and durable bags with Beautyblender's legacy of redefining the makeup industry.

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The Beautyblender Pink Hulken is designed to make your daily commute and on-the-go experiences more seamless. Whether you're behind-the-scenes on set or commuting on the subway, this limited edition bag promises to help you effortlessly schlep your essentials while looking good doing it. Say goodbye to excessive baggage and equipment, and embrace flawless style and practicality.

"We are thrilled to partner with a brand that sits at the forefront of innovation for an entire industry,” said Hulken's founders Alex Schinasi and Yoni Sheleg. “The Beautyblender Pink Hulken is a perfect blend of style and functionality, catering to the needs of all individuals and professionals who require efficient commuting solutions."

"This collaboration represents a meeting of two worlds – the efficiency of Hulken's design and the innovation that Beautyblender has brought to the beauty industry for over two decades,” adds Beautyblender founder Rea Ann Silva. “We believe the Beautyblender Pink Hulken will be a game changer for makeup artists, stylists, and creative professionals."

Pricing and Sizing Options:

The Beautyblender Pink Hulken is lightweight, durable, travel-friendly, foldable, easily cleaned, and glamorous – a must-have for professionals on the move.

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About Hulken:

Hulken is a family business founded by Alex Schinasi and Yoni Sheleg. Hulken makes durable, foldable rolling bags designed to help you conveniently schlep with ease and style. Crafted with water-resistant, industrial-grade materials and swivel wheels, these versatile products enhance daily commutes and errand runs. Launched in 2020, the family business is expanding its catalog to offer convenient and fun solutions for professionals like makeup artists, stylists, and event planners who require efficient commuting, particularly in walkable cities like New York City.

About Beautyblender:

Beautyblender, founded by the esteemed Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, stands as a revolutionary force in the beauty industry. With a rich legacy spanning over 20 years, Beautyblender redefined the standard of makeup application through its iconic edgeless sponge. Renowned for achieving impeccable results in high-definition, Beautyblender remains a symbol of innovation, offering products that effortlessly elevate the art of blending for both seasoned makeup connoisseurs and beginners alike.

For press inquiries, please contact:

Alex Schinasi, Hulken

Sami Elfus, Infinity Creative Agency

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