The 5 Timeless Staple Bags That Go With Everything

The 5 Timeless Staple Bags That Go With Everything

Deciding between bag colors is probably one of the biggest fashion dilemmas of all. Have you ever agonized over whether to go with neutral tones or take a chance on neon? Played it safe with classic black, even though your heart was saying ruby red? Sometimes, it pays to be sensible and stick with conservative colors that will pair well with your wardrobe staples. However, while muted monochromes can be depended on for timeless elegance, you don’t have to write off the rest of the color wheel entirely.

What Color Bag Goes With Everything?

Many of us stick with fashion neutrals when picking out bags and other accessories. These low-key shades are typically understated, allowing for effortless matching with a wide range of clothing colors. However, there are other choices out there. 

Need some inspiration to find a bag color that will pair with just about anything? We’ve picked out the five go-to hues that synchronize beautifully with any other shade.


Black is an obvious choice of bag color, but it remains popular for good reason. The king of eternal colors, black transcends fashion trends and makes the perfect partner to any hue. Have you put together an outfit with an understated neutral palette? A black bag will bring a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. Are your clothing choices more eclectic? Even if you’re dressed head-to-toe in clashing colors and prints, a black bag is never going to look out of place. 

If you’re looking for versatility, black is one of the most classic choices around. With a black bag at your side, you’re ready for anything. Ideal for the office and easy to coordinate with workwear staples, a black bag can also help elevate a more sophisticated wardrobe. However, a black bag won’t look out of place alongside something more casual. From fuss-free layers to laid-back activewear, a black bag makes a brilliant addition to any look.


Unless you’re picking out a clutch to complement your eveningwear, metallics like silver probably aren’t your first port of call. However, this gorgeous shade is one of the more versatile hues you can reach for when shopping for a new accessory. It might seem more daring than gray or stone, but silver is just as flexible when it comes to color matching and assembling outfits. 

A silver bag will instantly enhance your wardrobe. If lustrous gold is too garish for your tastes, time-tested shades like silver are a classic compromise. When you’re out to impress, a silver bag will sparkle alongside sequins and shimmering silk. With a silver bag, your workwear ensembles and casual staples also get a subtle uplift that will put a self-assured spring in your step.

Rose Gold

Here’s another marvelous metallic that’s well worth considering if you’re in the market for a new bag. Rose gold is one of the most enduring tints of the last decade and it’s easy to see why. It’s luxurious, yet restrained, allowing for stylish matches with a wide range of outfit styles, materials, and colors. While a standard gold bag can prove too overwhelming for an everyday outfit, a rose gold accessory is far more adaptable. 

Quickly becoming the go-to metallic, rose gold works wonderfully with most colors and almost any complexion. For maximum impact, think about wearing a rose gold bag with an all-black outfit or an elegant ensemble of draped ivory and beige. If you’re a comfort-first kind of person, there’s still a place for a rose gold bag in your accessory collection. Pair with everything from stonewashed denim to playful pink jumpsuits and you can’t go wrong

Midnight Blue

It’s tempting to avoid anything from the blue color family when picking out a bag. While blue shades are traditionally considered masculine, they’re evergreen choices that can prove just as versatile as timeless black or stylish silver. The darker you go, the easier you’ll find it to match a blue bag with almost any outfit in your repertoire. While navy is a solid choice if you’re searching for adaptable colors, think about giving midnight blue a try instead. 

Cool, contemporary, and confident, a midnight blue bag is guaranteed to make a statement. This intense shade of blue works exceptionally well with metallics, but also makes a dream pairing with pure white, cream, and neutrals. It can also enhance earthy hues, so think about reaching for a midnight blue bag if you’re kitted out in chocolate tones or subdued greens. 

Cosmic Red

When it comes to accessories, red gets a bad rap as being a difficult color to work with. However, shades like cosmic red are surprisingly versatile, with endless scope for colorful pairings. You can use red to bring a touch of color to an all-black ensemble or give your summer staples a shot of feminine elegance.


As well as working with a wide range of colors, a red bag is an appropriate choice for all manner of occasions. Ideal for standing out at the office, a red bag is also going to get you noticed when networking or mingling at a social event. 

How To Choose a Bag Color

If you keep your accessories to a minimum, selecting a bag color that works with your favorite style essentials is crucial. To make the right choice, take a long hard look at the pieces you were the most. Is your wardrobe dominated by elegant hues and subtle neutrals? A black bag is the obvious choice, but silver or rose gold will prove equally versatile if you’re keen to embrace some luxury. Keen to experiment with more playful color pairings? Get yourself noticed with a bag in an intense shade of red

What Colors To Avoid

Vibrant shades of green and yellow can work with citrus-inspired outfits, but these zesty hues aren’t the most versatile. Some neutrals like beige may seem like they’ll complement any clothing color, but they’re pretty lifeless and can sap the energy from an outfit. You also need to think about seasonality. Dressing for summer? Autumnal hues aren’t the best choice of bag color.

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