What is Schlepping? Introducing The Hulken Schlep Bag

What is Schlepping? Introducing The Hulken Schlep Bag

The Definition of Schlep

According to the Merriam Dictionary, the term "Schlep" denotes the act of dragging or hauling something. It can also imply that the action is carried out clumsily, lazily, or carelessly. Additionally, when used as a noun, it refers to a strenuous journey. In certain contexts, the word can also mean to carry or lug something.

That said, you cannot compare schlepping and a difficult journey. The difficulty is a result of schlepping. That’s to say, there’s a struggle when schlepping because it entails trying to move something too heavy, the object is difficult to move, or the schlepper is too tired to lift or move the item.

Professionally, the act of schlepping refers to moving heavy, awkwardly-shaped objects on the job (think of interior designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, thrifters, performers, photographers... the list is long!)

Schlepping explained

The Origin of Schlep

To understand the meaning of the phrase Schlep, we must first look at the word’s definition in its original context.

The root Yiddish word ‘shlepn’ means ‘to drag.’ In German, ‘schleppen’ also means to drag, while the Danish word ‘slæbe’ means to haul. So, the root words in different languages point to the verb ‘drag.’ It’s from this take the English word schlep was coined.

In 1922, Joyce James Ulysses published the word about the sun’s orbit trips, but that was not the first time it appeared. It was first recorded in the American Lexicon in 1911. Now it is a household name and a fashionable item for trendy people.

There has been a significant evolution for us to enjoy using schlep bags today as elegant solutions for carrying heavy equipment. In the 1800s, wooden toolboxes were used but later dismissed since they were difficult to carry on a subject’s shoulders. Later, baskets were introduced. The baskets are still in use, but a search for better solutions continued due to their limited space.

In the 20th century, bags came into existence, starting with a canvas and later modern leather bags. There are many designs, prints, and sizes of the schlep bags. Once, these bags were great Jewish gifts for women, but now most elegant women appreciate their use.

In this context, the modern Hulken schlep bag has become the leader in its category. Multiple adjustments have been made over time to ensure the best bag for schlepping your heavy loads when travelling or moving heavy-duty work equipment. These modifications focus on ensuring a quiet and seamless movement even after a long day on the job.

Hulken Schlep Bag

What is Schlepping?

Consider a student who commutes to school every day with a heavy load of books, or an employee who needs to bring paperwork home. Perhaps you use public transportation for shopping, or carry equipment on your daily errands as you meet with clients. These are just a few examples of schlepping.

To make a good impression and keep your customers satisfied, it's important to have a high-quality schlep bag for carrying your items.

To ensure that your schlep bag is of the highest quality, it's essential to choose a bag with a sturdy and durable bottom material that can withstand the weight of heavy luggage without wearing out quickly from dragging. Additionally, the bag should have at least two strong handles to prevent them from snapping while lifting. 

Unlike regular bags or backpacks, schlep bags should have a large carrying capacity to accommodate all of your belongings. This is crucial because schlepping often involves carrying a significant amount of stuff, so having ample storage space is necessary.



Want a Schlep Bag?

Are you looking for a schlep bag? Look no further. The Hulken schlep bag is fashionable and classy.

The Hulken is a rolling bag, allowing for easy schlepping. It is fitted with four to five swivel stainless-steel wheels to help you move your equipment silently and smoothly. Since the wheels are small, this allows you to flat-fold the bag when out of use.

You can even haul the bag over grass and snow, which makes it perfect as a travel bag on wheels! That’s right! All you need to do is use the pull handle to drag the bag. If you don’t want to roll it, there are handles for you to carry it as a handbag on your shoulders. The handles are firm, wide, and comfortable for use. Best part, the handles are long enough to be used by people of all heights.

The bottom board used in Hulkens is made of recycled material, whereas polypropylene used in its body is non-toxic—and that means you can use it as grocery shopping on wheels. The materials are water-resistant, dustproof, and long-lasting. It is also the perfect laundry bag, as well as a foldable work bag. Planning on travelling soon? The Hulken can also be used as a large rolling tote for travel.

Based on your needs, there are different schlep sizes in the market. From the medium size for daily errands, to the large version that is great for professionals such as home organizers, interior designers, or people transporting heavy and oversized items daily.  All Hulkens can carry up to 66 lbs.

Another unique feature is that the Hulken Bag is fully collapsible. That means you can fold it flat and keep it away to save space.

The Hulken Schlep bags come in three colors; black, silver and rose gold. Choose the one you like best and get ready for making schlepping easy!

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