What is the Best Husky Bag Alternative in 2024?

What is the Best Husky Bag Alternative in 2024?

Husky is a specialist outdoor brand, more synonymous with hiking gear and performance apparel than accessories. However, it does offer a decent enough range of backpacks and mobile storage solutions, with the Husky rolling tote being one of the best.

However, this tote isn’t without its limitations. If the Husky is too small for your requirements or you’re struggling with its awkward wheel system, it’s time to consider other options. Below, we’ll delve deep into Husky and take a look at an irresistible alternative. 

What is a Husky Rolling Bag?

Designed with contractors and tradesmen in mind, this heavy-duty bag is a compact yet travel-friendly way to get bulky essentials from A to B. However, you don’t have to work in the construction field to get the most out of this bag. Whether you’re undertaking a DIY project or simply need a durable bag for hauling your gear around, the Husky rolling tote is certainly worth considering.

Not sure whether to go with Husky or take a punt on something else? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of this hard-wearing rolling tote. 

What’s So Special About the Husky Rolling Tote Bag? 

If you’re someone who’s constantly traveling around with bulky items, the Husky is a good choice of tote. This robust bag is made from a rugged polyester fabric, with reinforced stitching to ensure it holds its shape for as long as possible. This tote also comes with a reinforced base, meaning you can carry heavy items in confidence. 

High-quality craftsmanship can be found throughout this bag. The handles are particularly thick and, like the rest of the bag, are reinforced with superior stitching. Dual zippers also come as standard, bringing you peace of mind. A telescopic handle also provides you with a decent degree of control when you’re on the move. 

Although the interior isn’t the most spacious around, you do benefit from some pretty nifty organization here. There are seven interior pockets, along with a further 11 compartments on the outside. Perfect for keeping your toolbox essentials close to hand. There’s also the main compartment itself for storing larger items like combi drills. 

Drawbacks of the Husky Rolling Tote

All those compartments might help you stay organized, but the Husky rolling tote is actually pretty small. Sadly, the Husky rolling tote is pretty paltry compared to other totes on the market. The interior is deceptively small, meaning you’ll have to rely on those exterior pockets to maximize space. If you’re worried about the security of expensive tools and accessories, this might be a problem for you. 

Then there’s the wheel situation. The Husky rolling bag includes a pair of heavy-duty wheels that will come with all manner of surface types. However, with just two wheels to work with, you’re not going to enjoy the smoothest ride. Ever struggled with an awkward trolley cabin bag at the airport? In terms of maneuverability, you’re dealing with something similar here. 

Then there’s aesthetics. The blocky black and white motif won’t do anything for you if you’re looking for something subtle and stylish. It looks like something a contractor would wheel around. Functionally, the Husky is pretty versatile. However, thanks to its lackluster looks, it’s always going to look awkward unless you’re rolling it toward a job site. 

Introducing the Hulken Rolling Tote 

Like the idea of the Husky rolling tote but can’t abide the color? Maybe it’s a bit too small for your liking. In either case, it’s time to consider an alternative. If you’re after something that’s both stylish and bursting at the seams with practical features such as doubling up as a work bag on wheels, or even collapsible laundry cart, look no further than the Hulken. 

Key Features

One of the most versatile rolling totes on the market, the Hulken scores top marks in every category. Available in two sizes, even the medium-sized Hullken offers plenty of space to store everyday essentials. What’s more, the open-top design means you can use your storage space exactly how you want to, rather than adapt to pouches and pockets decided by the manufacturer. 

If you’re after a durable bag that will cope with intensive use, the Hulken bag is another strong contender. A reinforced bottom ensures it will cope with heavy loads, while unbreakable handles mean frayed seams and torn fabric aren’t something you’ll have to fret about. 

However, it’s the Hulken’s swivel wheels that set it apart from many other rolling totes. The Hulken’s wheels have a 360-degree rotation, meaning you’re not restricted when it comes to getting from A to B. This tote takes tight corners and sudden turns in its stride, without you having to awkwardly reposition your bag en route. The medium Hulken comes with four wheels, while the largest design boasts five. This provides you with maximum maneuverability at all times. 

You also have your pick of eye-catching colors. Its understated aesthetics make the Hulken an ideal choice for the fashion-conscious user, with simple details to complement any outfit or occasion. Whether you opt for classic black or make a statement with midnight blue or cosmic red (or maybe Beautyblender Pink), the Hulken is guaranteed to turn heads and pocket you more than a few positive comments. 

How Does it Compare with a Husky Rolling Bag?

The Hulken outdoes the Husky rolling bag in every category.  As far as storage capacity is concerned, the Hulken wins out every time. The Husky might offer integrated storage pouches, but these aren’t necessarily a practical feature. It makes far more sense to add dividers and separate compartments that work for you. With the Hulken, you’re free to do this. 

While both bags feature wheels as part of their design, there’s a huge difference between what you get from the Husky and what the Hulken delivers. The Husky rolling tote is limited to a pair of wheels and can only be pushed forward or pulled backward. With the Hulken, you’re free to move in any direction, making it ideal if you’re in a hurry, if you're carrying books, or moving house.

The Husky also falls short when it comes to aesthetics. The black and red motif won’t look out of place if you’re a tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, but these basic colors are your only choice. What’s more, the Husky has none of the designer-level flourishes found with the Hulken. 

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Top Marks for Versatility 

The Husky rolling tote will always have its loyal fans. However, it’s one of the least versatile accessories of its kind on the market. Haul this alongside you in any industry other than construction or maintenance, and your accessory is going to stick out like a sore thumb. With the Hulken, none of this is a concern

Thanks to its understated design, the Hulken looks right at home in any setting. You can use it as a spacious work bag if you’re bound for the office. Do you work in the health and beauty industry? This deceptively large tote can be used to cart all those products you depend on from A to B. You can even use the Hulken to lighten the load when shopping for groceries

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Swap Out Your Husky for a Hulken 

Looking for a first-rate alternative to the Husky rolling tote? It’s time to get acquainted with the Hulken. Discover the full range online today or head to the Hulken Amazon store to order yours. 

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