The 6 Hulken Rolling Tote Alternatives

The 6 Hulken Rolling Tote Alternatives
The accessory market is pretty saturated, with bags being one of the most overrepresented categories of all. This can make finding the perfect tote for travel, work, or everyday adventures difficult. Ever since it was unveiled, the Hulken has proved popular with fashion-conscious consumers looking for a stylish accessory that also delivers durability and functionality

However, it’s not the only tote on the market. Just about every established accessory brand includes a few designs in their range, with many of them also offering rolling totes. But how well do they hold up against the Hulken? Let’s find out. 

The Hulken Dupe Trend

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. However, having too many dupes hit the market can muddy the waters and confuse consumers. The Hulken rolling tote quickly amasses legions of fans thanks to its travel-friendly features and hard-wearing design. The countless imitators you now see flooding the market are a pale imitation. 

Exploring 6 Brands Similar to the Hulken 

Feeling tempted by rival totes? There are plenty of accessory brands out there that have their plus points. To help you weigh up the competition, we’ve picked out half a dozen brands offering similar designs to the Hulken


Like Hulken, this eco-conscious brand puts sustainability to the forefront. This reusable bag takes its inspiration from a humble plastic bag you’d find at any grocery store. However, rather than perishable plastic, the Baggu is made from durable nylon. Because it’s more robust than standard plastic bags, the Baggu can hold loads several times heavier than a standard grocery bag. 

While there’s a lot to love about the Baggu, it’s not the most generously proportioned accessory out there. There are several different size options to choose from, but even the largest falls short of what the Hulken offers. What’s more, the outlandish designs and eye-popping colors aren’t going to be to everyone’s taste. 

Parker Clay

If you’re someone who prefers to make more ethical choices, Parker Clay’s collection of bags and accessories is something to consider. All Parker Clay designs are made by hand in Ethiopia, offering stable employment and a steady wage to local women.

Parker Clay offers an extensive selection of bag designs, but it is the line-up of totes that shares the most similarities with the Hulken. They’re undeniably stylish, with a wide variety of punchy colors and designer flourishes that are usually reserved for much more expensive bags. However, these totes fall short when it comes to carrying capacity. You might be able to stuff a small haul into a design like the Caroline or Merkato, but neither of these bag designs comes close to matching the Hulken. 


Designed with parents in mind, Jujube bags put functionality first. Currently, the brand offers a small range of backpacks, crossbody bags, and satchels. However, it’s Jujube’s tote selection that we’re really interested in here. There’s a lot to love about Jujube totes, with fairly generous dimensions and quality craftsmanship. If you’re looking for something to wear every day, you could do a lot worse than a design like the Super Be. 

However, even the largest of Jujube’s totes is pretty limited. You might be able to utilize one as an overnighter, but you’ll struggle to stuff a weekend’s worth of items in one. What’s more, many users have reported that the durability of Jujube bags leaves a lot to be desired. If you plan on using your new tote every day, this could be a problem. 

Vera Bradley 

Vera Bradley brings together eye-catching aesthetics and functionality. While the brand offers a huge selection of bag styles, we’re going to focus on the tote range here. It’s the colorful assortment of prints and patterns that instantly stands out. If you’re someone who uses their accessories to inject color into their outfitting, Vera Bradley bags are an easy choice. What’s more, they’re fairly spacious considering the price tag, with plenty of additional pockets for storing smaller essentials. 

However, expect to pay a premium for durability. While Vera Bradley’s canvas totes are affordable enough, those made from leather retail for several times the price of their canvas counterparts. You’re also limited to over-the-shoulder wear. You won’t find any travel-friendly features like swivel wheels here, unfortunately. 


Kipling is another brand that offers an exhaustive pick of bags. We’ll take a look at its tote bags for the purpose of this comparison. While you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to prints and colors, you’re rather limited in terms of capacity and overall shape. Even the largest Kipling tote will struggle to house a complete outfit and a few extra essentials. Considering the price tag, it’s not unreasonable to ask for more bang for your buck. 

However, Kipling does offer a pretty impressive range of suitcases. Although hard-wearing and travel-friendly, convenience comes at a cost. What’s more, Kipling luggage also lacks versatility. A suitcase is more than likely going to gather dust on the top of a wardrobe between vacations or be resigned to the back of a utility closet. 

Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers might be better known for its apparel, but the cult brand also offers a decent selection of accessories. From basic bucket bags to spacious duffles, there’s a decent line-up of travel-friendly companions to accommodate most adventures. 

It’s not hard to see why this brand enjoys such a cult following. Rowing Blazers’ eclectic designs and dramatic colorways are unlike anything else on the market. However, once you take aesthetics out of the question, there’s not a lot to write home about. Even the largest totes offered by this brand are pretty pokey, with few features to make getting from A to B easier. 

Why the Hulken Reigns Supreme

Medium / Rose Gold

The Hulken might have plenty of company in the tote market, but nothing comes close to matching the functionality of this brilliant bag on wheels. For starters, the Hulken doesn’t disappoint when it comes to storage capacity. Whether you need a helping hand with groceries or want a bag you can bring to the beach, the Hulken’s spacious design means you never have to travel light. 

What’s more, 360-degree swivel wheels make getting around incredibly easy. Tight corners aren’t a problem, making it perfect for navigating busy crowds and urban jungles. When you need to board a train or climb a stairwell, simply lift your Hulken and sling it over your shoulders. Worried you don’t have space for another accessory? When you’re not using it, the Hulken folds flat for convenient storage. 

The Hulken also delivers on designer aesthetics. Effortlessly understated, it makes a dream addition to any wardrobe. You also have a choice of classic colors, from timeless black to eye-catching cosmic red. 

Hulken Reviews



Customers have been going crazy for the Hulken since its debut. Users love the generous capacity, while the swivel wheels are also singled out as a plus point. The Hulken also receives praise for its durability, even from customers who are using their tote on a daily basis. 

Ditch the Dupes and Buy the Best 

Tired of second-rate imitations? Make the one and only Hulken your next go-to accessory. Explore the full range online today or head to the Hulken Amazon store to order yours. 

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