Hulken co-founder on how they re-invented the Rolling Tote

Hulken co-founder on how they re-invented the Rolling Tote

A great bag on wheels will  make everyday life demonstrably easier. Tote bags on the market often don’t meet the most basic needs, and are generally too bulky with little storage. Now's time to up your game with the Hulken Bag. 

Designed with heavy-duty schlepping in mind, the Hulken is there for all your lugging needs. Looking for a new favorite work bag on wheels? Need to restock your fridge? Even the medium Hulken has enough space to carry a full bag of groceries from the supermarket to your home. Need a wheeled travel bag, or a foldable laundry bag? The Hulken is perfect for you. Looking for something bigger? A medium-sized Hulken is the way to go. Meanwhile, the largest Hulken model is a the ideal solution for those who need to schlep bulkier items. To discover the different Hulken sizes and decide which one is right for you, check out this other article.

There's more to love about the Hulken than its generous storage potential. These sturdy bags are made from robust memory fabric, allowing the fabric to stand up straight and making packing a breeze. Additionally, Hulken’s stainless steel wheels mean that even a fully-stocked Hulken will roll smoothly along any surface. This rolling tote does beautifully in all settings (from urban jungle to suburbia)   even a little snow won't stop you and your Hulken from getting to where you need to go. When you've finished running errands, the Hulken folds flat for easy storage. 

The Hulken is one of the most eco-friendly bags on the market. You'll find sustainable design choices throughout, from the use of recycled materials to unbreakable handles for maximum durability, avoiding the need for single use plastic bags.

Ready to embrace the bag that makes schlepping easier? Fashionology Today recently got together with Alex Schinasi, co-founder of Hulken Bag, to discuss how the bag came to life.


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Fashionology Today: 

We're thrilled to have you on today's show, so glad to be here.



Thank you.


Fashionology Today: 


You know, you said it right at the end there with a bag that schlepping made easier.

I don't know about all of our viewers, but I sure know what schlepping is, and I love things that make it easier.

You also sent us a couple to take a look at and one we'll be giving away today to one of our lucky viewers, it's a fabulous bag.

Can you take us back a couple of years ago, when you guys created this?



Yes, it's a bit of a family thing.

My father has been working in packaging of industrial bags for many decades, and he designed this bag as a side fun thing that we started using around the house. My parents would use it, me and my brothers would use it, and as we started having kids we would use it more and more.  

So about 2 years ago when Covid started happening, my husband who back then was a rock drummer in Brooklyn found himself not having so many shows to play as the stages were closed.  

So we looked at the bag and thought, this is a great product, why not commercialize it and try to sell it online and very quickly it started picking up steam.

We very quickly got covered in The Strategist as a good alternative for the germy carts that you would typically use in the supermarket.

It started going viral and got us excited about it because we knew the love that we had for the product this whole time, but to get validation from many different types of users across the US was amazing!  And even more validating.


Fashionology Today: 

Oh absolutely.

And you mentioned, I mean how fabulous that you guys basically took lemons and made lemonade, right?

 And you can fit a ton of lemons in the hulken bag.



That's right!


Fashionology Today: 

I have to tell our viewers.

So the bag has three handles? 





Fashionology Today: 

Yes. Okay, it’s sitting here on the side. So three handles.

I love the intricate aspects that you guys really took to heart to make sure the two side handles, can be tucked  into the pockets and then you can just pull it. Whereas the alternative is tucking the long pull handle into the bag and you can basically wear it as a tote with wheels.



Yeah, that's it, that's it.

 Yeah, there was a lot of thought in the design.

 I think that's where my father's background really shines and comes in.

 You know he thought through every little detail of how to make this really the most practical bag out there.

 The folding of it is really well thought out. We really wanted to make sure that it's not gonna be one of these bulky carts that you have that takes up so much space. Especially in cities like New York where you literally do not have space. So when not in use you can essentially fold it flat, store it away and it doesn't take up any space.


Fashionology Today: 

Yeah it is phenomenal.

We practised with the one that we're talking about and you know it first came to us in a great very tight sealed plastic bag which again is another great detail that you all thought about but you can take the bag flat and actually given the different sizes which we're gonna talk about next.

But you could put the smaller size in the bottom of your suitcase for example, you know going on a huge family trip, let's say you you know if you got 3-4 kids whatever, you put it in the bottom of your suitcase and you know you can bring it onto the beach and pull it on the boardwalk.

 So talk to us about the sizes, there are several different sizes available.



Yes, so we have three sizes, small, medium and large.

So our most popular size is definitely the medium, that's my personal favorite too because it's the most versatile.

You can use it for literally anything.

It's still very sizable, so it's very big, people don't expect it to be that big but I feel like it fits for one person, but as well for a family, it can work for both scenarios.

The small one is really for the quick run to CVS type of thing or if you have a couple of things to take with you, it's a great carry on, for example, the right dimensions to take on the plane. 

And the large one is really the jumbo size, like it is massive. You could actually fit in it, we don't recommend that people do, but a lot of people have this desire to just jump inside!

But it probably does damage the bag, so guys don't do it, but it is tempting because it is that big.

The large one is great for makeup artists, set stylists, people that really schlep oversized items that are not typically fitting into any sort of tote bag.

So that's, I think the beauty of the Hulken is the fact that it also has this open top where you can fit, you know, a set chair or things that would not again fit into any other type of 


Fashionology Today: 

Yeah, absolutely, I mean we even, you know, put fabric in it and some canvases just to get a couple of photos, and it's a fabulous bag and the fabrication as well -  it's like a  canvas plastic mix where it's super easy to clean, I would suspect.

But it's also very durable.



Yeah, exactly.

It's made of industrial materials which helps with the durability.

We wanted to have something that's not gonna break after a couple of uses, so it definitely lasts.

It's easy to clean and wipe off so that also makes you very attractive because you can keep it very sanitized.


Fashionology Today: 

Yeah, absolutely.

You know, something that I found very fascinating - but it's also just a kudos to you that you're also holding down a day job and running a, you know, a health tech startup company.

And to me again, it just shows the strength of yourself, your husband, your father that it's obviously a family company you know, you make the fashion industry proud, for sure.

How hard is it to hold down the day job and you know, I'm sure your husband is sending you messages left and right about a variety of different things.



Yes, yes. I mean, definitely hard and challenging.

We have three little kids, so that makes it even more challenging in a way it's a group effort.

Again, my father is involved, my husband's involved, there's other people at the factory that are instrumental to make this the best product out there and make sure everything runs smoothly.

You know, I love doing marketing for Hulken because it's such a fun product, I get to interact with such great people across so many different industries. 

It's big, it's loud, it has wheels.

You see it on the street, people will stop you.

For me, it's fun.

I, whenever I don't work on my healthcare startup, I get to have fun with that, but it's just what drives us, right?


Fashionology Today: 

Absolutely, it is, it's fantastic.

I'd love to mention real quick who the winner was, we had a ton of new followers that you jumped on that were direct messaging us actually, which was great, I think most of the viewers and most of our followers, they, you know, they followed us, but then they didn't put it in the comment section, they direct message to us, we put all these wonderful comments, yes, because they really wanted to get our attention and the winner I'm going to say is @erinheatherbridal, she's you know, on instagram and obviously we don't know her because you know, you can't be a family member to win, but @erinheatherbridal yes, and that's awesome and we'll put that out there on instagram and send her her very own Hulken, so you know, congratulations to her, which I would assume her name is Erin, so congratulations Erin!

One other thing that's super exciting that you're working with the fashion network directly on is in two days and so we're gonna have everything fixed by then that the on the live episode of our holiday special you guys are going to be giving away are not giving away, but you're going to be airing a a coupon, you're gonna be giving discount 20% off that I think is unheard of, I haven't seen it before. 



That's right, we never give 20% off its what comes with having a european production house and all the increases in costs with shipping and we just we don't have that much flexibility, but you know, we care about the fashion network and want to make sure that your audience gets the best that we can possibly give, so we're happy to get that 20% to for that one day. 


Fashionology Today: 

That’s right, it's just for that one day, everyone, so you know, for all of our viewers that if this is not airing live on your streaming network, it is okay because we're gonna put this up on the, on the digital platform so that you can watch the show, we're gonna continue to send out countless instagrams and our Youtube channel is up and running as well.

So there's plenty of ways for you to learn more about the Hulken bag and the 20% off discount that is right around the corner, we're not going to give you the code today because you can't shop yet!

So you have to watch again on Thursday, the fashion network at Fashionology Today on FM tv to receive your 20% off discount Alex, you know, we really want to thank you for joining us today, it's just been a great pleasure to meet someone within the fashion industry that really cares about changing the industry as a whole, and frankly, you're providing a bag that countless designers can put all their stuff in, so thank you for that.



No, thank you, and, thank you for having me, it's it's a privilege for us to be serving the fashion industry in that way, it's always amazing to see the responses we get from, from the this audience in particular, so thank you for having me and we look forward to supporting you more. 


Fashionology Today: 

Yeah, absolutely, we'll be in touch soon, of course, and we'll put that discount up on thursday.

Thanks Alex, thank you Hulken bags! 

That was awesome, you know, to be able to talk with the creator of a new company in a new product that is within the fashion industry, the Hulken bag! 

 Schlep Bag Interview

Tired of breaking your back every time you lug items from point A to point B? It's time to welcome the Hulken Bag into your life. If you need a helping hand at the grocery store, a small Hulken Bag is the way to go. With one of these rolling totes in your backpocket, you'll always be ready for any situation. Need something larger to transport bulkier items? There's a reason why the Hulken Bag has become a favorite with set stylists and makeup artists. Why not take a look at the full range today to see how the Hulken can help you?

Would you like to know how the rolling tote bag trend started, what the best tote bags in 2023 are, the must-have TikTok items? Check out these other cool articles we have! We also have an article on how big a rolling tote is, as well as a page dedicated to tips on how to use the Hulken. Make sure to read about the best work bag for women, what the perfect bag for hair stylists is, what to get an influencer, why tote bags are popular, as well as what schlepping means.

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