Hulken - Every Mother’s New Best Friend

Hulken - Every Mother’s New Best Friend

Life as a parent isn’t easy. After a 6:00 AM wakeup call, you’re lucky to get 10 minutes to yourself before having to contend with that dreaded to-do list. Once breakfast’s made, packed lunches have been prepared, and everyone’s present and accounted for, it’s time to tackle the school run. The good news? You’ve got a few hours before having to do everything again in reverse order. 

Looking to make your everyday routine that little bit easier? It’s time to get acquainted with the Hulken bag

Why is Hulken the Perfect All-Rounder Bag? 

Every mother knows the importance of having a good bag in their inventory. However, you can’t depend on your go-to tote to pull double duty. You’ll need something multi-functional that can cope with any errand. Whether you’re after mobile storage for the school run or a spacious shopper to handle those last-minute grocery trips, the Hulken bag ticks all the right boxes. 

Designed with convenience in mind, the Hulken makes schlepping around a breeze. Available in three sizes and several eye-catching colors, this rolling tote is ready to go when you are. Need more convincing to make the switch? We’ve got you covered.



Folds Flat for Convenient Storage

It’s all well and good investing in a spacious shopper, but all that functionality doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have anywhere to store your bag once you’re back home. The Hulken’s foldable design sets it apart from many other bags on the market. Whether you’re using it to shop for pantry essentials or cart school projects from A to B, you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to store your Hulken. 

All three sizes fold down to discreet dimensions when you’re not using your bag. Only have a little bit of closet space or a spare shelf to work with? The Hulken can be tucked away neatly in just about any nook or cranny. 

Heavy-Duty Capacity 

If you have a big brood, you’ll understand the importance of owning a bag with plenty of storage potential. Take a typical shopper as an example. Once you’ve added your phone, purse, and everyday essentials, there’s little room for anything else. If you’re ferrying the little ones to and from school or playdates, you can rest guarantee you’ll be traveling with plenty of extra cargo. 

Thankfully, the Hulken doesn’t disappoint when it comes to storage potential. This sturdy bag will cope with loads of 66 lbs (about 30 kilos) easily, ensuring you won’t have to make compromises when deciding what to make. What’s more, unbreakable handles mean you don’t have to dread snapped straps and spilled contents while you’re on the move.

Strong Stainless Steel Wheels 

Don’t have access to your own vehicle? The Hulken has the only wheels you’ll ever need. This ingenious tote comes with durable stainless wheels that are engineered to glide effortlessly across almost any surface. Need to navigate the urban jungle? Cracked concrete and uneven sidewalks aren’t a problem for this essential accessory. 

The small and medium-sized Hulkens each have four wheels, while the largest size boasts five wheels for added maneuverability. Unlike other rolling totes with rigid casters, the Hulken’s swivel wheels boast 360-degree steerability. Perfect for tight corners and last-second turns. 


Tired of spending over the odds on bags that are only going to gather dust at the back of your closet? With the Hulken, you get a versatile tote that can be put to good use in all manner of situations. It can be used as a foldable laundry basket, travel bag with wheels, but also wheeled work bag.

Grocery Visits Made Easy 

Whether you own a vehicle or prefer to use public transport, grocery trips are never easy if you’re shopping with little ones. With the Hulken at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about cutting corners when stocking up on the basics. Planning a weekly shop? The largest Hulken bag will comfortably accommodate up to six full grocery bags, so it is the perfect foldable grocery bag.

Great for the Office

Once you’ve dropped the kids off at school and unloaded all their must-haves, you can repurpose your Hulken bag for work. Fill it with files, office essentials, and anything you need to get the job done. Thanks to the unbreakable handles, lifting this bag from the trunk of your car couldn't be easier. Its user-friendly design also makes it a practical choice for public transport. 

An Everyday Storage Solution

Although the Hulken can be folded flat and tucked away when you’re not using it, it can also be used as mobile storage around the home. Looking to clear out a cupboard but haven’t decided on a new home for all that clutter yet? Simply stash it in your Hulken and it’s ready to be moved when inspiration strikes. 

A Handy Travel Companion 

Planning on heading away on a long-overdue vacation? You don’t need to spend a small fortune on new carry-on luggage. Thanks to its compact dimensions and portability, the Hulken is the perfect addition to any travel itinerary. Glide through the airport with ease, then tuck your travel must-haves securely away in the overhead locker before settling in for the journey. 

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The Perfect Helper for Laundry Tasks

The Hulken is a real helper around the house. Ideal for labor-intensive laundry days, this hard-wearing bag can be used to cart dirty clothes from the laundry hamper to the washing machine in moments. You can roll between rooms as you hunt for missing socks and stray shirts, or pick it up and haul it as you climb stairs. 

What Does the Everyday Mother Have to Say About Hulken? 

Moms are going crazy for the Hulken. As well as helping with everyday errands, this rolling tote comes into its own on special occasions. 

Great for the School Run 

For many parents, the school run is hell on Earth for an hour every morning. If you want to make those mad dashes to the school gates a little more bearable, it’s time to make room in your life for the Hulken. Need to escort a small army of kids to the classroom. There’s plenty of space for lunches, backpacks, gym kits, and more. Any mom knows there’s no telling what their little ones are going to emerge from the playground with at the end of the school day. With the Hulken, you’re ready for every eventuality. 

Brilliant for Birthday Parties

Are you breaking out in a cold sweat at the thought of planning a birthday party? Let the Hulken lighten the load. You’d be amazed at how much stuff you can pack into this bag. Planning a party in the park? There’s ample space for a birthday cake, snacks, party favors, and more. Even if you’re hosting a birthday party in your own home, the Hulken makes for ideal storage. Keep filling it with party essentials until you’re ready to bring everything together. 

It’s a Holiday Helper

If you’re someone who loves playing host come Thanksgiving or Christmas, you’ll know that a great bag can come in handy. Need to head to the grocery store at the last minute to stock up on missing menu ingredients? With the Hulken, you can navigate around crowds of shoppers with ease. Need to get the house ready to celebrate the season in style? Load up your Hulken with decorations and tackle the task, room by room. Do your little ones have a sixth sense for sniffing out hidden gifts? Keep that out of sight until the big day, then use your Hulken to wheel them out when it’s unwrapping time. 

Takes the Hassle Out of Traveling 

Trips with the family make for treasured memories. However, actually getting to your destination can be a waking nightmare. If you’re planning a family trip, you’ll need a reliable tote that can deliver. Thinking about a day trip to the beach? Use your Hulken to store towels, swimsuits, picnic essentials, and more. Planning a camping excursion? Thanks to its durable design and generous dimensions, the Hulken is the ideal pick for outdoor adventures. Thanks to its cabin-friendly size, the Hulken can even be called on when you’re boarding flights and traveling internationally. 

Explore the Full Hulken Range Today 

Ready to make everyday life that little bit easier? The Hulken bag is a must-have for any working mom. Whether you’re dealing with a single toddler or half a dozen hyper pre-teens, you’ll never run out of ways to put your Hulken to good use. Looking to overhaul your everyday routine. Explore the full Hulken range online today.  

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