Your Perfect Companion for Beauty on the Go

Your Perfect Companion for Beauty on the Go

The life of a professional makeup artist isn’t an easy one. Makeup artists rarely work in the same place twice, and they typically need to travel with a full inventory of brushes, cosmetic products, and other essential kit. Unsurprisingly, staying organized can be a real challenge. However, the right bag can make a makeup artist’s job considerably easy. Thinking about replacing your existing tote with something more practical? With its lightweight design, durable construction, and travel-friendly features, the Hulken is the perfect makeup artist bag on wheels. 

Why Hulken Is the All-In-One Bag for Makeup Professionals

Ready to swap out a tired tote for a bag you can really depend on? If you’re in the market for a makeup artist bag on wheels, the Hulken is definitely something to consider. Need more convincing? Read on for just a few of the reasons why investing in this standout tote makes complete sense. 

Spacious Interior

Every professional makeup artist knows there’s no such thing as traveling light. Even for those small jobs, you’ll need a bag that’s spacious enough to house a small inventory of essentials. Are you tired of making compromises with second-rate shoppers or space-starved totes? It’s time to ditch your usual bag and reap the benefits of the Hulken. 

This tote on wheels will transform your daily routine. Looking for a bag that comfortably accommodates a fully-stocked vanity case? You’ve found it. Still need space for all those extra accessories? With the Hulken, you’ll find plenty of room left over for everyday makeup essentials like brushes, sponges, accessory holders, and more. You’ll even find space to accommodate larger items like ring lights and makeup chairs. Whatever job you have lined up, you’ll never be caught short without your makeup must-haves with the Hulken in your collection. 

Need something a little more compact for those smaller jobs? The Hulken range offers two standard sizes to take your pick from: 

  • Medium: 16x12x20 inches
  • Large: 20X16X24 inches



Portable Design

Even if you have your own vehicle, you’ll need a makeup bag that’s travel-friendly. If you’re searching for a makeup artist bag on wheels, look no further than the Hulken. Each Hulken features stainless steel wheels that make getting from A to B a breeze. The medium version of the Hulken features four wheels, while the large size boasts a fifth wheel to make life even easier. 

Made from durable stainless steel, these smooth-rolling wheels can cope with just about any surface. No matter whether you’re rolling over sidewalk or working on location, the Hulken won’t let you down. Sturdy grab handles make the Hulken even more practical. When you’re not rolling it along beside you, you can throw it over your shoulder. This makes it far more flexible than bulky makeup cases that make climbing stairs a real challenge. 


Many large totes are incredibly heavy. However, this isn’t an issue you’ll have to worry about with the Hulken. Despite boasting a full set of swivel wheels and bottom board, you’ll have no trouble schlepping around with one of these bags at your side. 

Hard-Wearing Design 

Every aspect of the Hulken has been designed with long-lasting use in mind. Made from durable polypropylene, you can look forward to plenty of use from your rolling tote. Each Hulken also features a reinforced bottom board for added stability. This board is also made from recycled material, making the Hulken a particularly eco-friendly choice. The swivel wheels are made from robust stainless steel, coping well with regular jaunts across concrete and other tough surfaces. 

Heavy-Duty Capacity

Many tote manufacturers make big promises about carrying capacity. When we say the Hulken can cope with heavy loads, we mean it. Thanks to its rugged construction and reinforced design, you won’t have to leave any item on your checklist behind. What’s more, the Hulken holds up well when fully loaded with supplies and equipment. You don’t have to worry about the seams pulling apart at the worst possible moment with this reliable tote. 

The Hulken also features unbreakable handles. The medium-sized Hulkens features two of these grab handles, while the large design features a third one. Whether you’re wearing yours over your shoulder or pulling it alongside you, this heavy-duty bag will hold its own for a long time to come. 

Easy to Store

Although many large tote bags are very practical, you’re left with a pretty bulky accessory that will need to be stored away when you’re not using it. Unlike other bags out there, the Hulken folds flat once emptied. Once you’ve removed all your makeup essentials, simply fold the fabric down at the sides and tuck your Hulken away until you need it again. If you live in a compact apartment and square footage is at a premium, the space-saving Hulken is an easy choice. 

While the folding design of the Hulken makes it a convenient pick, you can of course leave your bag fully stocked until your next assignment. With its generous dimensions and sturdy build, it’s an ideal storage solution for makeup artists. 

A Stylish Solution

Just because the Hulken is hard-wearing and functional, don’t assume you have to make any compromises when it comes to style. With its pared-back finish and classic details, the Hulken is one of the most attractive totes available. You also have a range of classic colors to choose from. Keep it low-key with standard black, or add some sparkle to your daily routine with metallic silver or rose gold.  

Expert Makeup Artists Rave About Hulken: Here's Why!

Hulken is the ultimate carry-all bag for makeup professionals. Makeup artists have praised the Hulken for its generous capacity and organization-friendly design. The spacious interior allows users to quickly identify their go-to cosmetics and application accessories, making it the ideal choice for makeup artists who need to work on a tight schedule. 

What’s more, the Hulken doesn’t disappoint when it comes to durability. Made from hard-wearing materials and boasting unbreakable handles, the Hulken is designed with frequent travel in mind. Perfect for freelance makeup artists who rarely work in the same place twice. Those stainless steel wheels and travel-friendly features also make it an easy choice for makeup artists who need to travel to far-away locations. Need to catch a flight for work? The medium Hulken can even be used as carry-on luggage. Whatever your schedule looks like, there’s no better bag for makeup professionals than the Hulken. 

Make the Right Choice with the Hulken Bag for Makeup Artists

Thinking about treating yourself to a new makeup bag? Rather than settle for a second-rate tote with limited storage capacity, why not add a Hulken to your collection instead? This makeup artist bag on wheels is designed for those with busy schedules, with a huge amount of storage potential. Cosmetic cases, brush sets, makeup products, and much more can be stowed in the Hulken. Apart from using the Hulken as your wheeled tote bag for work, you can also use it as a travel bag with wheels, shopping bag with wheels, and travel bag with wheels.

You can order yours today online at the Hulken website or via Amazon. For more ideas on how to use the Hulken, check out our page with tips.

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