Unveiling Chrissy Teagan's Must-Have Bag

Unveiling Chrissy Teagan's Must-Have Bag

Chrissy Teigen first found fame as a model, before breaking into the world of TV presenting. In recent years, she’s become better known as a social media star and for her entrepreneurial endeavors. Nowadays, you’re just as likely to see this former model whipping up a storm in the kitchen with her own line of cookware as you are doing the rounds on the red carpet. She also carries serious clout in influencer circles. Designer labels like Chloé, Gucci, and Prada have all benefited from Chrissy’s online endorsements. Recently, the superstar took to Instagram to show some love for the Hulken rolling tote. 

Why Are Tote Bags Trending?

Sales of tote bags are soaring. In 2022, the global tote bag market was worth $2.51 billion. By 2023, the market is expected to be worth more than $3.6 billion. While designer labels like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors represent a significant slice of the action, these premium-priced designs aren’t consumers' only option. In fact, it’s the upswing in affordable tote bags that are driving this trend. 

Unlike compact clutches and crossbody bags, totes are the perfect solution for those who need to keep more of their everyday essentials close to hand. A typical canvas tote bag offers an incredible amount of space, providing ample room for all those must-have accessories. What’s more, a humble tote can be repurposed for every occasion. Whether you’re heading out to the gym or setting off for the beach, a quality canvas tote can get you there in style. 

As well as being versatile, totes are the way to go if you’re eager to embrace sustainability. A cotton tote bag can be reused many times before you need to think about sourcing a replacement. This makes a classic cotton tote an easy choice for daily jaunts to the grocery store or busy morning commutes. 

The Hulken Bag: Overview and Features

Ready to join the tote bag revolution? If you want to make the jump in style, the Hulken rolling tote is the perfect choice. Designed to make quick work of schlepping around, this stylish tote is the largest of its kind. However, you’re not just limited to a single size here. The Hulken is available in a range of sizes, meaning you have the ideal accessory for every occasion. 

When it comes to storage potential, no other tote on the market comes close. Looking for a constant companion to help with trips to the grocery store? The smallest Hulken can comfortably accommodate a bag of shopping. Looking for something bigger? The largest Hulken can house up to half a dozen packed grocery bags. Have a look at our size guide.

With the Hulken, there’s no worry of working up a sweat while you’re out and about. Thanks to smooth-rolling wheels, all you have to do is pull this tote behind you. The wheels are made from stainless steel, making them particularly durable on all types of surfaces. 

Despite being lightweight, the Hulken doesn’t disappoint when it comes to durability. A robust base board ensures your tote will retain its shape, even if you’re using it daily. This board is also made from recycled materials, making it an obvious choice if you’re looking to make more sustainable choices. When you’re done with your Hulken for the day, storage shouldn’t be a problem. Once emptied of contents, the Hulken can be folded flat and tucked away just about anywhere. 

In the market for a new tote? Whether you’re looking for a compact travel companion for everyday errands or need to swap out your current shopper for something more spacious, why not explore the full Hulken range online today? 

A Celebrity Stamp of Approval 

Chrissy Teigen’s choice to flaunt the Hulken speaks volumes about its status as a coveted fashion accessory among the A-list crowd. With her influential fashion sense, Chrissy’s endorsement solidifies the Hulken’s reputation as a must-have item. She’s also no stranger to sustainability, having been an advocate for eco-friendly brands like Evolvetogether and Repurpose. If you’re looking for a bag that scores highly when it comes to style and sustainability, this is one celebrity endorsement you can’t ignore. 

A Celebrity’s Ultimate Versatile Tote for Every Occasion

The Hulken is more than a passing fad. This multi-functional tote has endless applications, making it one of the most versatile accessories you’ll ever own. With its slick aesthetics, bountiful storage, and user-friendly details, it’s little wonder that so many celebrities are falling in love with this stylish all-rounder. 

Stylish Travel Companion 

Just because the Hulken is functional, doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than designer-level detail. With its pared-back design and clean lines, the Hulken is perfect for anyone who loves a low-key look. You also have several gorgeous color options to choose from. Prefer to keep things simple? Go with standard black. Looking to make a statement? The Hulken is also available in metallic silver and rose gold. Choose your travel bag with wheels today!

Gym Bag

Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen are no strangers to workout routines. You can spend a small fortune on a workout wardrobe, but none of that matters if you don’t have a great gym bag in your inventory. If you’re heading out for an early morning workout, having the Hulken ready to go is a good idea. Thanks to its generous storage capacity, you’ve plenty of space for spare clothing, towels, water bottles, and more. Additionally, all of your go-to gear can be accessed without having to fumble around with awkward zips. 

Beach Tote

There’s no point in breaking a sweat to achieve that beach-ready body if you’re not going to head out and enjoy some sun, surf, and sand. If you’re planning on spending a day at the beach, take the hassle out of your trip with the Hulken. Inside, there’s plenty of room for every last essential. Even when you’ve packed your swimsuit, sun lotion, and towels, you’ll have plenty of space left over. Perfect if you’re heading to the beach with little ones and need to cart all their belongings 

Shopping Excursions

Everyone loves a good shopping spree. No matter whether you’re heading to exclusive boutiques or hitting the sales, you’ll need something to cart home all that loot. The Hulken takes all the effort out of any shopping excursion. With its durable design and unbreakable handles, there's no danger of this tote letting you down in the middle of a shopping trip. Those stainless steel rolling wheels also come in handy when navigating busy aisles and crowds of fellow shoppers. 

shopping totes with wheels

On-Set Necessities

The average star spends hours on set, every day. With the Hulken, those on-set essentials are always on hand. Because of its open-top design, everything you store in the Hulken is instantly retrievable. 

Day-to-Day Essentials

Along with on-set necessities, the Hulken can be used to house everyday essentials. From phones and tablets to books and beauty products, there’s no reason to leave home without all your must-haves. Need to tackle laundry chores? Your foldable laundry basket with wheels is your perfect assistant.

Eager To See What All the Fuss Is About?

Is your current bag long overdue for an upgrade? If it’s time to swap out that tired shopper for a more stylish and practical alternative, there’s no better choice than the Hulken. If the Hulken’s celebrity endorsements aren’t enough to convince you, just take another look at some of the terrific design details of this tote. With its hardy stainless steel wheels, unbreakable handles, and patented memory fabric, the Hulken stands apart from any other tote on the market. 

Ready to add the Hulken to your collection? You can order yours online by visiting the Hulken website or via Amazon.

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