Embrace Convenience with a Wheeled Tool Bag

Embrace Convenience with a Wheeled Tool Bag

You might find it hard to let go of your trusty tool box, but these heavy storage solutions aren’t particularly practical. As well as scoring low marks for portability, most tool boxes and bags offer very little space and can’t be properly organized. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to make any more compromises when it comes to tool storage. With a bag on wheels for work, you’ll be able to cart all your essentials from A to B, without having to leave essential items behind. What’s more, thanks to those smooth-rolling wheels, you can say goodbye to back and shoulder strain and dramatically speed up your workflows. 

The Need for a Portable Tool Bag on Wheels

If you’re someone who depends on a small arsenal of tools for their day job, you’ll understand the need for storage that’s both functional and mobile. The average tool case might keep your essentials organized, but getting from A to B with a bulky container can be a challenge. It’s tempting to travel light with only the bare minimum, but there’s always a chance you’ll find yourself needing that one tool you left behind that day. 

Tired of carting around a heavy tool box? A wheeled bag is the way to go. Even if you have your own transport, you’ll still need to get those tools of the trade from the back of your vehicle to the location of your next job. Over time, all that heavy lifting can take its toll, especially if you’re having to climb endless flights of stairs. With a wheeled tool bag, no work journey will ever pose a problem. What's more, a wheeled tool bag can also double up as a foldable shopping bag, a collapsible laundry cart, and more.

Is the Hulken Durable? 

A good tool bag should be functional and hard-wearing. With the Hulken, you have a durable storage solution for all your essentials. The Hulken is constructed from industrial materials that won’t easily wear, even with repeated use. What’s more, the smooth-gliding wheels are made from robust stainless steel, meaning very few surfaces will pose a challenge. Read here to learn more about Hulken's durability and style.

The Hulken was created after painstaking industrial research and trials to find the material, meaning you can be confident that you’re buying a tool bag that will stand the test of time. Worried the Hulken won’t be able to accommodate all those heavy power tools? You needn’t be. Thanks to its superior build quality, the Hulken can comfortably carry loads of up to 66 pounds. 

Want to know more about the size of a Hulken, or read an interview with the co-founder? Find out more on our blog. Learn more about who started the rolling tote trend, as well as why Hulken is the best tote for traveling.

What To Consider When Choosing the Best Rolling Tool Bag

If you’re ready to replace your existing tool box with something more practical, it’s time to consider a rolling bag instead. Not sure what to go for? Below are some of the most important things to consider when making your choice. 

Intended Use

While you’ll obviously be using a rolling tool bag to store tools, you need to think about everyday usage. Are you a professional repairman who needs to constantly travel with a full inventory of tools and accessories? You’ll need something fairly large to accommodate all those items. Do you only pack what you need after responding to a job? A more compact tote might be a better option. Perhaps you’re someone who’s looking for a rolling bag for everyday DIY projects and creative tasks. In this case, you’ll probably benefit from keeping everything in a single location. As such, a larger bag is the way to go. 

Size and Weight

If you know the kinds of tools you use regularly, you’ll have a clear idea of how large your next rolling tool bag should actually be. A large enough bag should be able to house the full contents of a tool chest, including bulky power tools and materials you’ll need to complete your tasks. The bulk of all of those items quickly adds up, so you’ll want to lighten the load a little. In this case, you’ll need a bag made from lightweight materials that won’t let you down when it comes to durability. 

Weight Capacity 

While tool rucksacks and bags might seem like a convenient choice for hauling your items around, they fall short when it comes to weight capacity. The weight capacity of an average tool bag is around 22 pounds. When you consider that an 18V cordless drill can weigh up to 10 pounds, it’s easy to see why standard tool bags fall far short of what most users need. To guarantee you’ll always be able to carry what you need to complete your tasks, it makes sense to go with a bag with a more generous weight capacity. 

Storage Compartments 

This is one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a tool bag. Choosing a tool tote with existing dividers might seem like a good idea but unless there’s scope for customization, you may be left with a tool storage solution that’s not really suited to your needs. A larger interior that can be customized with dividers is a far better option. You can even amplify your storage by investing in a tool pouch. 

Why Use the Hulken as a Tool Bag?

If you’re searching for the perfect tool bag, it’s time to take a second look at the Hulken. Need more convincing? Below are just a few of the reasons why you should make the Hulken your next accessory. 

Portability and Mobility 

Tool rucksacks are often marketed as being a more ergonomic and comfortable alternative to traditional tool bags. However, once these rucksacks are filled with heavy items, they can put significant strain on your back and shoulders. The Hulken makes these kinds of issues a thing of the past. Thanks to its stainless steel wheels, you can push or pull the Hulken along with you with ease. When you need to climb a flight of stairs or jump into your vehicle, simply pick the Hulken up by its robust handles. 


With the Hulken, you’ll never have to cut corners when selecting your tools for the day. The largest size is ideal for storing the full contents of your tool kit, including power drills, belt sanders, and more. Even the medium-sized Hulken should be large enough for bulky hand tools and other large items, ensuring you’re ready for anything the day has to throw at you. You can find the full open dimensions of the Hulken range below: 

  • Medium: 16" x 12" x 20"
  • Large: 20" x 16" x 24"

On-The-Go Efficiency

It’s easy to lose track of what you actually have stored in your tool bag, especially if you’ve chosen something with lots of internal dividers and needless compartments. When you use the Hulken for tool storage, you’ll get a bird’s-eye-view of all your items. What’s more, everything will be within easy reach when you need it. Need a crosshead screwdriver? You can retrieve it instantly. Need to take care of a repair job with some sealant? Simply reach into your Hulken and you’ll have what you need in seconds. 


If you’re someone who’s spent a small fortune on their tool collection, you’ll understand the importance of keeping your items protected. Brands like Klein Tools and Milwaukee don’t come cheap, with many tool boxes offering second-rate protection against the elements. Thanks to its industrial materials and durable construction, the Hulken is the perfect home for all those power tools, wrenches, hammers, hacksaws, and more. 

Home Improvement Projects 

You don’t need to be a professional to enjoy the benefits of the Hulken. If you’re planning a home renovation project, this tote on wheels is great for ensuring all the tools you’ll need are ready to go when you are. Have you recently purchased a real fixer-upper? If you’re tackling the redesign yourself, you’ll probably be constantly adding new items to your tool collection. The Hulken has more than enough space to accommodate all those purchases while making it easy to stay organized as you focus on that endless list of DIY tasks. 

Strong rolling bag on wheels

Take Tool Storage to the Next Level with the Hulken

Whether your current tool box is full to the brim or you’re looking for a more portable storage solution for your day job, it’s time to think about adding the Hulken bag to your collection. With its heavy-duty construction and industrial materials, it’s the perfect fit for bulky loads and demanding schedules. What’s more, you’ll have plenty of storage capacity to work with. Keen to stay as organized as possible? With its spacious interior, it’s easy to keep stock of your inventory and retrieve your go-to tools when you need them. Furthermore, those stainless steel wheels make getting around a breeze. 

Our Hulken bag is not only the perfect tool bag, but also home organizer's favorite bag, as well as the bag hair stylists rave about. Professional makeup artists love their Hulken, and so does Chrissy Teagan.

Is it time to say goodbye to your current tool bag? Explore the full Hulken range online today. Alternatively, head to Amazon to order yours. 

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