Why Home Organizers Are Raving About the Hulken Bag

Why Home Organizers Are Raving About the Hulken Bag

Many of us are finally waking up to the fact we simply own too much stuff. While professional organizing has been around for several decades, the decluttering revolution has only picked up speed in the past few years. Professional organizers like Julie Morgenstern and Marie Kondo have popularized the movement, sparking an entire industry as more people embrace the concept that less is more. 

Are you a professional organizer? Perhaps you’re considering making the move into this lucrative field. While you might have a great method for encouraging people to say goodbye to the things they don’t need, you’ll need the right tools to do your job well. After all, it’s hard to sell yourself as a professional organizer if you struggle with clutter yourself. Fortunately, the Hulken bag is here to help. 

Why is the Hulken Perfect for Professional Organizers? 

A professional  organizer works closely with their clients to take stock of what they own and how they’re utilizing their space. Most organizers strive to encourage their clients to get rid of possessions they don’t need and are only gathering dust. This frees up valuable space that can be repurposed for other things. 

However, this job involves more than helping people declutter. A good professional organizer needs to incorporate nifty storage solutions for their clients. There’s no point streamlining someone’s life if they're not going to be able to commit to organization down the line. The Hulken is the ideal work bag for professional organizers. With a generous capacity, hard-wearing construction, and portable design, it’s the perfect way to cart all your essentials to and from every job. 

Keen to strike the right note when you meet your clients for the first time? Despite being one of the most hard-wearing rolling totes on the market, the Hulken doesn’t disappoint in the style department. With its streamlined finish, this professional-looking bag makes an ideal choice of companion. What’s more, there are several color options to choose from. Keep it simple with timeless black or stand out with stylish silver. Looking for something a little different? Opt for a more luxurious aesthetic with a rose gold Hulken. 

The Ultimate Storage Solution 

Being able to offer moral support and creative solutions is a key part of the job. However, professional organizers also need to arrive with a fully-stocked workbag. Heading out to a consultation with a prospective client? At a bare minimum, you’ll need note-taking essentials, a smartphone to take pictures, and measuring tape. If you’re actually tackling a decluttering project, you can add cleaning supplies, label makers, stationery, packing tape, and more into the mix. If you’re introducing your client to a selection of storage hacks, you’ll also need to think about packing hooks, mounting materials, and flat-packed boxes. 

This doesn’t even take into account extra items like first-aid kits, essential tools and hardware, and folding step stools. This might sound like a lot of stuff to schlep, but the Hulken offers ample storage for all these items and more. Available in a range of sizes, you’ve the perfect companion for consultations and day-long assignments alike. With so much space to work with, you can tailor the interior of your Hulken to your liking. Play around with dividers and inserts so everything you need is right there when you need it. 

Convenience and Portability 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have so much stuff to consider. However, the Hulken bag is designed with convenience in mind. This generous tote features an open top for easy retrieval and hassle-free packing. Meanwhile, it’s been designed with portability as a priority. 

Every Hulken bag features stainless steel wheels, offering excellent maneuverability across a range of surfaces. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hauling it over busy sidewalks or tiled interiors, the Hulken will glide along seamlessly. What’s more, the medium and large Hulken bags come with pull handles, allowing you to effortlessly haul all your professional organizing essentials along with you. Moving your kit from the trunk of your car to your client’s home couldn’t be easier. If you’re traveling light, you can even use the Hulken to tackle the journey using public transport. 


The Hulken is one of the most versatile bags on the market. With its low-key aesthetics and stylish design, it makes the right first impression with clients. However, this bag can be readily repurposed for everyday applications. Need to make a late-night trip to the grocery store after a busy day decluttering? With the Hulken, you can load up on all of your favorites without having to worry about you’ll get it all back to your home. The largest Hulken can carry up to half a dozen full grocery bags with ease. 

Need a heavy-duty bag that can be used around the house? The Hulken bag is your best friend. Load it up with dirty clothes on laundry day or turn to it when you need to rearrange your interiors. Whatever you’ve got planned, the Hulken is ready and waiting. 

Durability and Sturdy 

Many rolling tote manufacturers make bold claims when it comes to durability. However, very few manage to live up to their promises. Thankfully, the Hulken won’t disappoint when it comes to durability and performance. Made from robust polypropylene, this is a bag that’s built to last. Even if you’re using it to cart heavy loads daily, this study bag can be counted on. 

The Hulken features a heavy-duty base that makes it suitable for carrying bulky items. Perfect if you need to take a fully-stocked toolkit or cleaning appliances along with you to your next job. Every Hulken also comes with unbreakable handles, meaning you don’t need to worry about your bag falling apart at the worst possible time. 

This bag will also go down well with anyone looking for a versatile and low-maintenance alternative to what they’re currently using. The durable material will cope with regular use. Should you get caught in an unexpected downpour, simply wipe the exterior dry once you’ve made it inside. 

What Do Professional Home Organizers Say About the Hulken? 

Why is the Hulken so popular with professional organizers? For starters, the sheer capacity of this bag sets it apart from anything else on the market. Even a small one can be used to cart a staggering amount of stuff. If you’re someone who needs to travel with a full arsenal of organization tools, larger versions of the Hulken are the way to go. Undertaking a bigger organization project? With a larger Hulken bag, you’ll find ample room for labelers, tools, storage accessories, and much more. Here's the full Hulken size guide.

Some bags fall short when  it comes to organization. With the Hulken, you never need to worry about a cluttered interior getting on top of you. You can easily add removable inserts and dividers to sort smaller items, which can be retrieved in seconds thanks to the open-top design. 

Getting to and from your assignments is also a breeze. Driving to your destination? Simply load up your Hulken, place it in the trunk of your car, and grab it once you’ve arrived at your client’s home. Need to travel on foot? Thanks to those stainless steel wheels and pull handle, you’ll have no issues navigating your way along busy sidewalks. Even staircases aren’t a challenge for this bag. Unbreakable grab handles make light work of hauling a packed Hulken up steps. 

Explore the Hulken Range Today

Looking to take your professional organizing career to the next level? It’s time to rethink your own approach to organization. With the Hulken bag, you’ll be set for decluttering assignments of any size. Thanks to its generous capacity, durable design, and versatile applications, you’ll turn to the Hulken rolling tote time and again. 

Whether you’re looking to take your first steps towards becoming a professional declutter or simply need to swap your existing storage for something more practical, the Hulken is the obvious choice. Looking for the best travel accessory? This is the bag for you. Explore the full range online today to discover the benefits of the Hulken for yourself.

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