The Must-Have Items that TikTok Made Me Buy

The Must-Have Items that TikTok Made Me Buy

TikTok is easily one of the most influential social media platforms. The app garners over a billion monthly users, and it’s no surprise that it shapes the way we act, how we communicate, and even what we buy.

However, it’s also extremely fast-paced, with new viral TikTok trends popping up every minute. This allows for many otherwise unknown products to get the exposure they deserve. People love discovering new things so much that TikTok made me buy it” has become another genre of clips on the app.

We’ve compiled the most desired items that have started to trend and ones we expect will be making waves all throughout 2023.


The Top Trending TikTok Products for 2023

TikTok doesn’t just help products have an audience, it also pushes brands to develop new items that will be worthy of internet fame. Thus, we see new must-haves emerge daily. This is perhaps one of the best aspects of the app – it shows you products you never knew you needed before you saw them on your screen.

That’s why we’ve gathered all the products worth the hype and your money into one convenient place. This list ranges from items with everyday use and cleaning products to beauty supplies and new techy creations.

 TikTok Made Me Buy It

1. The Hulken Bag

The Hulken bag is a convenient way to move whatever you need while keeping it organized. This rolling tote bag is large and durable, able to carry a sizeable load of whatever you put in it. The Hulken also has wheels to make trips easier, as you can effortlessly pull heavy burdens while walking down the street. 

Yet, despite all of this, the bag still manages to be a compact solution. It can be folded when empty and fit into tiny spaces, so storage is no issue.


This item has many functionalities – it can carry your groceries and be your new favorite foldable grocery bag, help you move apartments, transport work inventory, etc. The Hulken is reusable, and you typically won’t need any extra bags because it’s so spacious. It can even work as a travel bag with wheels and handles.

Additionally, the Hulken bag has some handy extra features, such as strong handles that can help secure it while driving. Thanks to this, you don’t need to purchase over-the-seat hangers separately.

The bag comes in three different colors and three different sizes. Head over to our store to shop for a single bag or get a discounted bundle for the ultimate compact and convenient solution to shopping or moving!


2. Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Integrated Stand

Wireless Bluetooth keyboards have been making the rounds recently as some of the newest tech necessities. While you can make do with a regular old keyboard, this product has all the qualities to draw in curious users on the hunt for a new purchase.

For one, these devices are cable-free, so you don’t get all tangled up when using them. They also have all the other markings of a “TikTok made me buy it” product – they’re compact and stylish, with added features like a stand for your tablet and smartphone.

And if the purchase still didn’t seem like it paid off, the Bluetooth keyboard lets you switch between multiple devices for higher efficiency and comfort. The battery fills up in around 2 hours and allows you to work for over 2 days without needing another recharge.


3. Time Marker Water Bottle

Considering how important it is to stay hydrated throughout the day, you’d think it’d be easier for us to remember to do it. But many people struggle to get their daily water intake for one reason or another.

Sometimes, you aren’t really mindful of how much you drink and only take a small sip every now and then. Other times, you put down a glass of water and get sucked into work as it collects dust on their desk. By the time you finally remember to have a sip, it’s already midday!

This is where time marker bottles can help. They’re nicely designed, reusable water bottles with markers that denote different times of day, usually hour intervals from 8 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm. You can get different kinds, but generally, the bottle holds 32 oz and needs to be refilled during the day.

The idea is that the water bottle reminds you to drink water regularly. Nearly every hour, you need to reach a new point by taking a drink. By noon you empty the bottle and get a refill, and by 6 pm, you’ve got half a gallon of water down.


4. Car Cleaning Gel

Yet another staple of a product that’s bound to go viral is an easy cleaning method. No one wants to spend hours on end dusting and wiping every nook and cranny to get their stuff clean. 

The viral car cleaning gel is, in fact, more like putty or slime than what we’d call gel. Still, whether the name fits or not – it gets the job done. The product is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach spots that you’d otherwise need tiny tools and a great deal of patience for. 

TikTok Products I have bought

The gel can be applied to the air vents, control panel, steering wheel, cup holders, door handles, and any similar areas. It’s very simple to use, as you only need to apply it to a spot and then pull it off. You’ll see for yourself how it catches the dirt and debris and removes them.

Although this putty is mainly marketed as an efficient way to clean up the interior of your car, you can also apply it to other places. People often use this product to clean out their keyboards, remotes, or console controllers to get out all the dirt that collects between the keys.

To keep your car clean of a bigger mess, get and use the Hulken Bag to balance all your items and make sure nothing spills, leaks, or breaks.


5. Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

If there’s anything that can catch the eye of avid TikTok users, it’s a revolutionary new product in the beauty sphere, and that’s what the makeup brush cleaner and dryer did. 

Ideally, you’d wash your brushes at least once a week or whenever you need to thoroughly remove the remaining product. However, any makeup user knows how tedious and time-consuming this can be.

The process has been made easier with the use of some cleaning products, but a battery-operated spinner machine is by far the best solution yet and a total game-changer. Let’s go over how it all works.

First, you attach the brush that needs cleaning to the spinner. The product comes with multiple collars that can fit nearly all different brush sizes. Then, you fill in the bowl with water and soap, or whatever solution you use, and dip the brush into it. 

Press the switch to activate the spinner so that it gets all the product off. Finally, raise the brush above the solution and spin it until it dries. The whole process takes less than a minute and makes the entire ordeal of washing your beauty supplies a breeze.


6. Mini Fridge

We’re all familiar with late-night trips to the kitchen to get a snack from the fridge. Well, what if you could save yourself the trouble of getting up and leaving your room whatsoever?

It’s no surprise that the mini fridge was one of the trending TikTok products that really took off. It’s not something people would generally consider that they need, but once you see the possibilities it opens up, it’s hard to stay away.

You simply plug the device into a socket in your bedroom and have quick access to anything you want to store in it. For most people, the first thing that comes to mind to put in a mini fridge is food or drinks. And while this is a wonderful idea itself, the product can also be used to hold breast milk, skincare products, insulin, medication, and so on.


7. Oil Spray

Oil sprays aren’t exactly new, but the ones you’re used to are nothing like the viral cooking spray. This bottle can last you a lifetime, and it’s perfect for managing your oil intake or simply as a tool to avoid spilling too much on a dish.

The product is made of glass with stainless steel components and is more than just a sleek item you can display in your kitchen or dining room. It’s perfect for applying a mist of oil on top of your salad or meals, and it’s the most convenient way to control your use of oil. 

Instead of constantly needing to buy plastic spray bottles from the store, with this glass spray bottle, you can take your favorite olive oil and refill the device whenever there’s a need.


8. Electric Bottle Opener

Wine enthusiasts everywhere can use a device that’ll make opening a new bottle even more sophisticated and fun than before. With a sleek design and great functionality, an electric bottle opener will be the talk of the party. 

TikTok Products

But this product isn’t just an interesting way to indulge in your favorite drink or a fancy gift for a friend. These devices can be seriously beneficial to people with grip issues or arthritis that struggle to use regular openers on a wine bottle.


9. Ice Roller

Ice rollers are another item that you buy once but can reuse time and time again. The product is a silicone container made of two parts with a hole in one of them. When it’s put together, you fill the closed encasing with water using the hole and put it in your freezer.

After some time, the water will solidify, becoming ice. At this point, you can take the roller out and take off the top piece. You will be left with a large block of ice that you can easily use and move around by holding onto the silicon part of the roller.

There are multiple benefits to applying ice to your face, mainly reducing puffiness. So, many TikTok users saw this refillable roller and are jumping on board, quickly incorporating ice rolling as a part of their daily skincare routine.


10. Ultimate Prep and Storage Kit

Since we lead pretty hectic lives, we want to prepare meals that are both quality and quick. Well, TikTok users are discovering a new product that allows you to easily balance the two.

The viral prepping station is the most optimal way to cook, which can help even the busiest of us find time to chop up some fresh vegetables and store premade dishes. The product is compact but tightly packed with as many features as possible.

It contains a chopping board, tools for grating, peeling, and slicing, multiple containers of different sizes with super-seal lids, as well as a built-in storage unit. The prep station even has a removable scrap bin – it truly is a mini kitchen by itself.

This product is ideal for anyone who likes to meal prep, be more efficient, or simply have a clean working station in the kitchen.

Best Products to Buy from TikTok

TikTok Made Me Buy It: Final Thoughts 

We take pride and pleasure in our possessions not only when they’re expensive brand names but also when they’re just fun trinkets that make our lives easier. You can purchase all the products listed from the TikTok shop, or you can find them on other pages.

To buy any of the Hulken bags and invest in trending TikTok products that you’ll use daily, you can visit our Hulken Store and browse the different options available!

Would you like to learn more? Check out our articles on the tote bag trend, what tote bags you should buy in 2023, and how we reinvented the rolling tote.

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