The Perfect Weekender Bag for Women by Hulken

The Perfect Weekender Bag for Women by Hulken

If you’ve ever been invited to a last-minute weekend away, you’ve probably found yourself struggling to find the perfect bag for the trip. Wheeled suitcases can be used in a pinch, but cumbersome luggage isn’t the most practical option for when you’re looking to travel light. For many people, the versatile weekender is the bag of choice. Combining ample storage capacity with travel-friendly features, the humble weekender is an essential accessory that everybody should have in their collection. 

What is a Weekender Bag?

The term weekender bag is a fairly broad one. For decades, it’s been used to refer to all manner of bag styles, ranging from humble satchels to spacious totes. Although it’s an umbrella term, it’s more typically used to refer to duffel bags. When people think of weekender bags, they tend to picture a large travel tote with an open top and sturdy gran handles. Whether it’s an overnight weekender for short trips or a larger tote bag for longer stays away, a good weekender should provide plenty of space for every personal item you need with you. 

Although most weekender travel bags follow the same basic design, one area where they differ is the materials used. Nowadays, more consumers are looking for eco-friendly choices, leading to an influx of sustainable weekender bag styles. Those looking for a canvas weekender have the Longchamp Le Pliage. Those in the market for recycled materials have backpacks from Herschel Supply or can choose a bag from Lo & Sons. 

Paravel weekender bags and Vera Bradley weekender designs are also typically made from recycled materials. For shoppers seeking a more premium finish, a vegan leather weekender bag is the way to go. Meanwhile, products like the Dagne Dover Landon carryall are made from high-tech neoprene fabric. The downside to all these weekender travel bag designs? They're incredibly expensive. Even if you’re looking for maximum durability, functionality, and elegant aesthetics, it’s hard to justify those sky-high price tags. 

What to Look for in a Weekender Bag for Women

As with any other type of accessory, style preferences often play a role when selecting a travel duffel or weekender bag. However, there’s a lot more to consider when choosing a weekender. If you want something that will perform well and last for a long time, you need to run through a pretty meticulous checklist before making a final decision. 

Size and Capacity 

Even if you’re only going to be away from home for a night or two, you’ll need something that’s spacious enough for all your essentials. Even if you think you’re someone who packs light, you’d be amazed at just how much stuff you’ll need to cram into a single weekender duffel bag. Planning an overnight adventure with friends? You’ll need enough space for a couple of outfits, additional footwear, toiletries, and cosmetics. That’s before you factor in the additional bulk of electronics and any refreshments you plan on taking with you. 

Durability and Material 

A typical weekender is going to be used fairly regularly. Unlike the luggage you’ll take with you on vacations, you might end up using your weekender bag several times a month. The grab-and-go nature of an overnight or weekender bag means you need something that’s durable and will cope well with regular use. When choosing a weekender duffel bag or tote, make sure you’re picking a design that will hold its shape and cope with the strain of all those trips away. 

Material is incredibly important. Don’t be put off by recycled fabrics. In many cases, recycled materials can be just as durable as their newly manufactured counterparts. While canvas is often the preferred choice of material, it’s by no means your only option. However, what your bag is made of is only half the equation. You’ll also need to consider the finish of your bag. Pay attention to how well the seams have been reinforced and what kind of stitching has been used. The more secure these elements, the more likely your bag will be able to withstand heavy loads and repeated trips away. 

Your bag should also be relatively waterproof. Look for designs that can cope with occasional exposure to the elements. Even once you’ve got your bag indoors, you’ll need to think about durability. Make sure you’re avoiding storing it in damp or humid conditions to prevent premature wear and tear. Furthermore, you’ll want a bag that can be readily wiped down and cleaned. Learn more about how this rolling tote is refined for durability and style.

Style and Design

Selecting a practical bag is all well and good, but you’ll also want something that’s stylish. Generally speaking, the simpler the better. Low-key aesthetics and classic colors will ensure you have a bag that can be coordinated with any outfit. What’s more, a more stripped-back finish is unlikely to show signs of premature wear and tear. 

Comfort and Carrying Options

Weekenders are designed with regular use in mind. As such, you’ll need a bag that’s easy to wear and comfortable to carry. Choosing a lightweight bag will go a long way in taking some of the strain off. However, sleeker fabrics will only go so far in ensuring carrying comfort. 

Ideally, you should be looking for a weekender bag that provides you with several carrying options. The more versatile your bag is, the more use you’ll get out of it. Look for weekender bags that can be worn over the shoulder, as well as pulled behind you. Sturdy grab handles that can double up as shoulder straps are a must. It’s also worth choosing a bag that features swivel wheels as standard. This provides you with all the functionality of a rolling suitcase, without the bulky hard shell and awkward zips. 

Organizational Features

Weekender bags are a more casual alternative to traditional luggage. However, this doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to organizational features entirely. While it doesn’t make sense to select a bag with countless pockets and pouches, it’s worth selecting something that offers ample storage space. 

A bag with generous dimensions and an accessible interior means you won’t have to make any compromises when it comes to packing for a trip. If you need to bring order to the inside of your weekender bag, you can enhance organization by using inexpensive luggage cubes and storage bags. 

Security and Protection 

As with regular luggage, you’ll want a weekender that offers plenty of protection for your valuables. One of the easiest ways to safeguard your essentials is to invest in a weekender with a high-impact exterior. Additionally, you’ll want something with a zip-fasten top to deter thieves while you’re on the move. 

The Top Features of the Hulken Weekender Bag

If you’re dragging a wheeled suitcase along with you during overnight trips and weekends away, it’s to make the switch to the Hulken rolling tote. This stylish weekender is the perfect solution for anyone in the market for a travel-friendly companion that’s ready to go when they are. 

The Hulken makes an instant impression with its elegant aesthetics and thoughtful details. It’s both contemporary and timeless, coordinating perfectly with just about any outfit. What’s more, you have several gorgeous color options to choose from. Like to keep things simple? Go for tried and tested black. Prefer to make a statement? There’s always stylish silver or rose gold. 

The Hulken also impresses when it comes to durability. Made from hard-wearing polypropylene, this bag won’t let you down as you schlep from A to B. What’s more, the high-impact exterior means you don’t have to worry about stored valuables becoming damaged in transit.. The bottom board is also made from robust materials, meaning it will cope with heavy loads without losing its shape. 

Tired of having to leave fashion essentials behind? With the Hulken, you’ll always have room for your travel must-haves. The generous interior means you can take all of your favorite pieces with you. Even the medium-sized Hulken has an incredible amount of storage potential, which can be readily optimized with luggage cubes if you prefer staying organized. 

This effortlessly chic weekender is also built with maneuverability in mind. Every Hulken features stainless steel swivel wheels which make quick work of navigating across all types of terrain. Whether you’re dashing across the sidewalk or rushing to make a train, this bag will keep up with you. You can drag the bag along with you thanks to a 16-inch pull handle. There are also two unbreakable grab handles. Perfect if you need to climb a staircase or just prefer having your bag close to hand. 

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shopping bag with wheels


What size is a weekender bag?

Weekender bags come in all shapes and sizes. A small weekender should have enough space for a couple of different outfits, toiletries, cosmetics, and essential electronics. However, if you’re heading away for a few days, you’ll want an extra large weekender that can accommodate twice that amount. 

What makes a good weekend bag?

As well as being stylish, a good weekender needs to be functional. Look for bags that provide you with multiple carrying options, along with a generous interior for storing all your essentials. No matter what material your weekender bag is made from, make sure it features reinforced seams to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. 

Looking for a New Weekender To Add to Your Collection?

Ready to say goodbye to bulky luggage and second-rate satchels? It’s time to switch out your current duffel bag for the Hulken rolling tote. Offering plenty of space for all your essentials, not to mention smooth-rolling swivel wheels and unbreakable handles, this versatile all-rounder is the ideal choice of weekender bag. 

You can pick up yours today from the Hulken online store. Alternatively, head to Hulken’s Amazon store to see what all the fuss is about. 

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