Trendy and Functional Bag on Wheels for Work

Trendy and Functional Bag on Wheels for Work

There’s nothing better than a great work bag. However, those trendy shoppers and laptop backpacks rarely pass muster when it comes to storage potential and comfort credentials. Are you tired of having to make compromises when packing your work bag in the morning? Had enough suffering with chronic back pain and aching shoulders after your morning commute? It’s time to make the switch to something more comfortable and convenient. With its smooth-rolling swivel wheels, generous capacity, and stylish aesthetics, the Hulken rolling tote is the ideal choice for the office. 

The Need for a Bag on Wheels

Choosing the wrong work bag for your daily commute can lead to a heap of problems. As well as being impractical, an ill-suited laptop backpack or travel bag can wreak havoc on your posture and lead to a whole host of ailments that you’ll spend years struggling with. 

Let’s take a typical backpack with a laptop compartment as an example. Even if you’re wearing such a bag with both shoulder straps, there’s no guarantee you’re distributing weight evenly. If you’ve picked out a heavy-duty accessory and packed your bag to maximum capacity, that’s a lot of weight to be carrying on your back and shoulders. Even if the material of your bag can withstand the pressures of the weight you’re carrying, those flimsy shoulder straps are going to put considerable strain on your body. 

Eventually, this leads to uneven weight distribution, leading to one side of the body having to bear the brunt of more bulk. If you’re carting around a 15-inch laptop, reams of files, and other essential accessories, this is a lot of extra weight to be carrying on one side. The end result? You’ll struggle to maintain correct posture as you make your way to the office. If your commute is long enough, this can lead to day-long discomfort and a lifetime of back pain and other associated conditions. 

Rolling tote for makeup artists

How Can a Rolling Bag Help? 

If you’re eager to protect your natural gait and say goodbye to back pain and poor posture, it’s time to make the switch to a wheeled tote. Unlike traditional totes and shoulder bags, rolling bags provide you with added convenience and save your shoulders from having to take the strain of heavy loads for hours at a time. 

With a rolling bag, you’re free to make your way to the office at your own pace, without constantly stopping and shifting the weight of your daily essentials from one shoulder to the other. With a rolling laptop bag, you can simply pull your must-haves along with you without breaking a sweat. 

As well as making poor posture, muscle stiffness, and uneven weight distribution a thing of the past, a rolling bag on wheels can dramatically speed up your commute. You’ll be able to schlep from your home to the office more quickly, without having to factor in all those stops and starts. What’s more, by having instant access to your bag interior, you’re free to stop at the store for last-minute essentials or to pick up an early lunch order. This isn’t possible with a typical laptop briefcase where space is at a premium. Need to catch the subway or a morning train? With a laptop rolling bag, stairs, escalators, and elevators aren’t a problem. 

Comparing Hulken To Traditional Work Bags

It’s tempting to reach for generously proportioned shoppers or totes if you’re a fan of designer labels, but these accessories are rarely a good idea for the office. While they might seem large enough for your daily essentials, they’re often a lot smaller than you first realize and tend to lack much in the way of internal organization. Even with the smallest Hulken, you have an incredible amount of space at your disposal, meaning you’ll never have to make compromises when planning and packing for the day ahead. 

Have you suffered with a wheeled backpack or shoulder bag in the past? Even though accessories like a rolling backpack are designed with versatility in mind, they tend to feature narrow shoulder straps. If you’ve stuffed one of these bags to maximum capacity, those straps can dig into your arms. This is not only uncomfortable, but can eventually lead to tingling in your hands and arms. As well as the long-term health implications, this doesn’t make for a particularly comfortable start to the day. 

With the Hulken, none of this is an issue. All you need to do is fill your bag and pull it alongside you. Should you need to pick it up and carry it with you, you can simply throw it over your shoulder and you’re good to go. 



Can I Use Hulken as a Laptop Bag on Wheels?

Wondering whether you can use the Hulken as a wheeled laptop bag? While this hardy tote might not look like your typical laptop bag, it’s the perfect addition to your daily commute. Thanks to its generous interior, there’s ample room for all your essentials, including a laptop case, office files, and other office must-haves. 

To adapt the Hulken as your new go-to office accessory, simply invest in a case that can be used as a laptop compartment and you’re all set. Even bulky electronics can be carried in the Hulken, making it the perfect choice for professionals working in all kinds of industries. What’s more, you’ll have plenty of room left over for anything else that you’ll need for the day ahead. Need to take work home with you? With so much internal capacity to work with, you’ll never have to make compromises when organizing your tote interior at the end of the working day. 

Fusion of Fashion and Function

The Hulken might tick all the right boxes when it comes to function, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than first-rate style. In fact, the Hulken is one of the most eye-catching work bags on the market. The exterior is pared-back and contemporary, ensuring you’ll also make the right first impression with colleagues and clients. What’s more, you have a range of classic colors to choose from. Need a bag that can work in any situation? Go with timeless black. Eager to make more of a statement? Go with rose gold or glisten with gorgeous silver. 

The Hulken is also built to last. Made from hard-wearing polypropylene, this bag is ready to face even the most grueling of commutes. Those all-important swivel wheels are made from stainless steel, ensuring daily schleps through the concrete jungle aren’t going to pose a problem. Worried that you’ll have a hard time carrying this bag along with you? Don’t be. With its 14-inch side handles and 16-inch pull handle, this versatile companion is a good fit for anybody. 

Hulken Maintenance and Care Tips

Once you’ve used the Hulken once, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. However, you’ll want to maintain your bag to ensure it performs well for as long as possible. To get the most out of your Hulken, make sure you’re never overloading it. Although the bag is designed to cope with loads of up to 66 lbs, overstuffing it with heavier cargo may lead to premature wear and tear of the bag and handles. What’s more, make sure you’re distributing weight evenly when packing your Hulken so it maintains its shape and integrity for longer. 

When you’re done using your Hulken for the day, take care when folding it before storing it. Improper folding can damage the bag, damaging its structure. It’s also important not to expose your Hulken to heat and sunlight while it’s being stored. For maximum longevity, keep it away from heat sources like radiators. 

To ensure the swivel wheels work as well as possible, remove any dirt and debris with the blunt end of a screwdriver or butter knife. Tweezers can also be used to remove more stubborn debris from the caster housing. If your wheels aren’t rolling as well as they should, a quick blast of lubricant spray is all that’s needed. 

If your Hulken is in need of cleaning, don’t attempt to place it in the washing machine. Instead, reach for a bucket of warm water and sponge and clean it by hand. To keep your new go-to accessory as hygienic as possible, you can even use disinfecting wipes. Check more tips around Hulken bags!

Want to learn more about rolling totes? Here's everything about the size of a tote, who started the trend, and your schlepping guide. We're also proud to say that small businesses love their Hulken, as well as makeup artists. Celebrities such as Chrissy Teigan have professed their love for the rolling tote as well. Check out our blog for more cool articles! 

Is It Time for a New Work Bag?

Have you been struggling with a subpar notebook roller or flimsy shopper for too long now? Having the right work bag at your side is a must. As well as ensuring you make the right impression at the office, a well-designed work bag can dramatically improve your morning commute and help you overcome common ailments like poor posture and back pain. With the Hulken bag, you never have to worry about uncomfortable straps digging into your shoulders or uneven distribution leading to long-term posture problems and health complaints. What’s more, those ingenious swivel wheels and user-friendly handles mean you have a bag that’s designed to cope with just about any urban environment. In fact, it’s so versatile, you can use it for everything from days at the beach to carry-on luggage. 

Ready to make the switch to your new favorite work bag? Get yours at the Hulken online store or Amazon today. Need a bag for different purposes? The Hulken is your perfect bag for laundry, shopping tote, travel companion, grocery bag and more!

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