The Ultimate Influencer Christmas Gift: Top Pick on Gifts to Buy

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Ever wondered what your favorite influencer considers a must-have (or must-give) for the holiday season? Well, let’s discuss the 12 most covetable gift ideas and products. And the best part about the influencer Christmas list? All items on this list are favorably priced.

Gift #1: Hulken Bag

Even in the best of times, packing can be a bit chaotic. Trying not to add anything more than what’s absolutely necessary becomes somewhat like an art form. Now, here’s a Christmas gift to simplify the stressful process. Get a Hulken Bag.

This classy organizer is a true gem of Swiss design. Best part, you do not have to carry your luggage since the wheels make carrying items a breeze. Aside from their convenience and practicality, these bags are also beautiful and trendy. Shop from a variety of colors and sizes.

Christmas List Guide Influencers


Gift #2: Phone Tripod Stand and Remote Control

Do you remember the times people used timers when taking photos? Now’s the Tripods era! A tripod holds the phone firmly at the exact angle you want. With the tripod, you can capture clear and enhanced photos which would otherwise be blurred if taken by hand. 

Tripods are often used to take beautiful pictures of brand products and clear selfie shots. Specifically, ring–light tripods stand out since you can capture videos in diverse places, including indoors and outdoors. 


Gift #3: Portable Charger 

Facebook, Instagram, and blog influencers spend much of their time on their phones, giving tutorials, taking photos, editing videos, or sometimes uploading. Phones, however, can adversely impact the flow of their work if the battery goes low. That’s why a portable power bank charger is an essential item. 

A portable charger is exceptionally light; you can either throw it in your bag or pocket or carry it in your hands. Buy one for yourself and one for your friend. 


Gift #4: Throw Blanket 

Last few months have been all about work, right? But let’s say a friend comes your way this Christmas with a throw blanket as a gift. Throw blankets are the perfect gift when you want to catch sleep faster and sleep more deeply. You get better health and increased productivity with good rest—an excellent recipe for your social media content/tutorials creativity needs. 

It’s no secret, fluffy throw blankets also give the best photo props commonly used by lifestyle bloggers.

Blanket Throw


Gift #5: Fujifilm Instax 

What is an influencer's life without a Fujifilm Instax? Fujifilm cameras are the easiest to use. If you need help getting a holiday gift for capturing those holiday memories, Fujifilm is an ideal choice. 

With these cameras, you’re sure of clear and enhanced instant photos. At the mention of the film, you may think it is an old-school model. The film takes credit for quality vintage camera looks and acts as a prop for photos. 

Often, the camera comes with a pack of stickers and films allowing you to create and make your memories.


Gift #6: Silk Pillowcase 

Most social media influencers are beauty lovers working with an 'anti-aging' slogan. That makes silk pillowcases a must-have beauty hack fit for everyone with a 'forever young' lifestyle. 

Silk is an anti-aging fabric with a luxurious and smooth touch. Moreover, the silk material hydrates your skin, and since it is also crease-free, it does not break your skin. For ladies, this is an incredible gift choice for this Christmas season. Silk pillowcase means enhanced and luxurious sleep and a forever-young look. 


Gift #7: Gift Card 

The holidays are here with us, and you are still grappling with what to gift your friends. It is somewhat complicated to decide on the gift since the tastes and preferences vary. Here, simply choose a gift card. 

With a gift card or certificate, you can choose what you want—based on your hobbies or interests. Go out with them and offer a gift card for their shopping or a little day-off Christmas treat. Giving them a choice of gift through the card shows that you appreciate and care for them. 


Gift #8: Editing Software Program

Beautiful pictures and videos take time and effort. Most influencers spend lots of time editing media and refining content before posting. That’s why editing software is an excellent pick as a Christmas gift. Free online applications for such purposes often fail, whereas a program or subscription has better abilities that allow a seamless flow of content. Subscriptions for editing make work enjoyable and swift while producing quality results. Gifting your tech-savvy friend a subscription or software program will boost their creative touch.


Gift #9: Makeup 

Makeup is inextricably linked to influencers. In fact, makeup should appear top of the gift guide lists. 

Let’s say most of your friends love applying makeup. They also use it daily for glamourous appearances, even when off social media. Makeup is good, it covers all acne scars, enhances beauty and gives a healthy skin. Yes, your friends may already have their collection but diversifying and growing their product selection will cheer them this holiday. 

Makeup and Makeup Brushes


Gift #10: New Weekly Planner or Agenda 

What keeps you from gifting your friend blissful content creation? For friends with busy and hectic schedules, careful planning is part of their routine. Otherwise, they can end up double booking, over-booking, missing events, and for the creatives, sometimes crafting poor content due to last-minute rushes.

Be sure to look for a planner with timeslots and cute stickers. Stickers will help you beautifully create a trend or pattern of memories while time timeslots give you room to allocate tasks to be completed at particular times. It is such a great organizer. 


Gift #11: Vanity Mirror 

A 24/7 work schedule can be so dull. It would be best if you had a morale booster. Here, nothing works better than a vanity mirror. Compact, sleek design, and feature-rich, an advanced vanity mirror is one of the can’t-live-without things for a makeup enthusiast.

Tip: Do you want a unique but excellent gift for a friend this Christmas that doesn’t miss the mark? Consider a vanity mirror with color lighting, Bluetooth speakers, and integrated speakers.


Gift #12: Instastyle 

Some people are hard to advise or teach. It may be time you try a book. For Instagrammers, an Instastyle is ideal for helping them learn how to brand themselves, grow the brand, gain followers, and create original content. 

This book is a potential lifesaver. Would you also want to make your instagram presence felt? Instastyle will help you create beautiful pictures and curate your life. Don't miss one for yourself or a friend this holiday.


Get the Stuff Now!

There you have it! The 12 top gift ideas influencers recommend. So, which of our top picks is sure to make it onto your shopping cart this year? Let us know in the comments. At Hulken Bag, we love hearing from you.

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