How to Shop for Groceries Without a Car

How to Shop for Groceries Without a Car

Whether you love it or loathe it, grocery shopping is an essential chore. Having your own car can make the task simpler, allowing you to take advantage of bulk buy discounts or explore stores further afield. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have access to our own wheels, forcing us to settle for second-rate supermarkets and endure grueling journeys home. Thankfully, there are other ways you can shop for your staples without a car. 

Plan Your Shopping Wisely

If you want to avoid overshopping and minimize waste, never attempt to go grocery shopping without a list. Whether you’re stocking up on the essentials every week or returning to the store every other evening, keeping track of what’s in your fridge and store cupboard makes compiling your next grocery list a breeze. 

Take an inventory of what’s chilling in your refrigerator, adding and removing items from it as you go. Rummaging through those kitchen cupboards requires more effort, and you’ll probably find a haul of canned goods that are way past their expiry date. As with your chilled items, keep track of what you have in stock with a rolling inventory. 

Armed with a constantly updated grocery list, you’ll never end up buying doubles or missing an important ingredient for a recipe you’ve been itching to try. Do you enjoy splashing out on the occasional bargain? Making room for the odd impulse buy is also a good idea. 

Buy Foods That Go Far

If you’re without wheels and your nearest grocery store is miles away, reducing the amount of journeys back and forth is the way to go. If possible, swap out perishable ingredients for ones that are going to last for longer. Many fresh vegetables can be replaced with canned varieties, while frozen versions of your favorite greens often taste fresher when bought from the freezer aisle. 

If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen and know your way around a sourdough starter, why not stock up on basics like flour and yeast? You enjoy freshly-baked treats whenever you want while freeing up your grocery bags for other must-haves. 

Lighten the Load

Sometimes, one of the only ways to make shopping without a car easier is to buy less. Are you guilty of overspending on frivolous grocery items that only go to waste? It’s time to stamp out excess spending and say goodbye to waste. Packaging is also something to think about. Do your favorite products come in a refill variety? These cardboard and paper-free products are not only eco-friendly, they tend to be cheaper and are lighter to carry. 

Rethink Where You Shop

Supermarkets might offer unbeatable prices and unrivaled variety, but they’re only practical if one is right on your doorstep. For people who don’t drive or can’t access reliable public transport, it often makes more sense to shop locally.

You’re bound to find a good range of butchers, delicatessens, bakers, and more within close proximity of your home. While prices might be a little bit higher than what you’re used to, you can count on better quality produce. What’s more, you’re supporting a local business. 

Carry a Reusable Bag

Many of the best buys are purchased on the fly. Make sure you have a reusable bag with you at all times so you can snap up limited-time deals or stock up on cut-price items in bulk. Reusable canvas shoppers are all well and good, but they’re pretty limited when it comes to portability. If you need to haul a huge load home with minimal fuss, a large wheeled tote is the way to go. 

4 Ways to Get Groceries Without a Car

Having a car can make grocery shopping a breeze. However, there’s no reason why this essential errand has to be challenging for those without their own wheels. Below are just a few alternatives to consider. 

1. Walking to The Grocery Store

If your nearest grocery store is within walking distance, there’s no reason why you can’t haul your items back on foot. Of course, this only applies if you’re shopping for manageable amounts of groceries. If you’ll be carrying big bags and bulky items, you’ll probably need to use public transportation for part of your journey. 

2. Online Grocery Shopping

One of the easiest ways to buy groceries without a car is to order online. Most major supermarkets now offer online grocery delivery, with many same-day services available. While you’ll usually have to pay to have your items delivered, the cost is negligible when you consider the convenience. You could also save money if you have to depend on public transport to get to your favorite store. 

3. Carpooling and Ride-Sharing

Do you know someone with their own vehicle? Why not hitch a ride with them the next time they’re heading to the store? Some friends will be happy to play chauffeur for free, while others may expect you to chip in for gas. Either way, you’ll typically be spending far less than you would on public transportation or taxi fares. Don’t know anyone with a car? Check local ride-sharing sites and social platforms to find a new carpooling buddy.  

4. Cycling 

If you own a bicycle, you can make quick work of getting to and from the store with your groceries. However, you’ll need to make some preparations to maximize your cargo capacity. You can store some items in a backpack while riding from A to B, while others can be stored in handlebar baskets, saddle bags, and luggage carrier crates. You’d be amazed at just how much stuff you can carry with you on a bicycle that’s been kitted out with storage solutions. 

The Hulken Shopping Bag With Wheels

Looking to take the hassle out of trips to the grocery store? You’ll need a great bag at your side. With the Hulken rolling tote, you have the perfect companion for grocery shopping and other retail adventures.


If you don’t have access to your own car and tend to get about on foot, the Hulken is an essential accessory. Despite its stylish appearance and designer-level credentials, the Hulken boasts a hard-wearing construction that will hold up well to regular shopping trips. The bag itself is made from durable polypropylene, with a sturdy baseboard ensuring maximum stability. What’s more, unbreakable handles mean you won’t have to worry about your bag and its contents spilling out onto the ground on the way home. 

Tired of settling for second-rate totes with compact interiors? Ample space for groceries and other essentials comes as standard with the Hulken. The medium-sized Hulken can house up to three full grocery bags, while the larger model can hold up to five. Perfect if you’re shopping for supplies for the whole family. 

The Hulken also makes quick work of shopping itself. This tote can be wheeled alongside you as you navigate store aisles, with 360-degree wheels allowing for sharp turns and last-second maneuvers. Once you’ve returned home and packed away all your purchases, the Hulken folds flat for easy storageLearn more hulken tips to maximize your rolling tote's efficiency

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Ready to see what all the fuss is about? You can purchase your own wheeled tote online at the Hulken website. Alternatively, head to Hulken’s Amazon store to get yours. 

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