What Bag Should You Use With a Baby Carrier?

What Bag Should You Use With a Baby Carrier?

For many new parents, baby carriers are essential. These ingenious accessories are designed for life on the go, with no corners cut when it comes to safety, comfort, and carrying convenience. However, beyond your little one and a couple of small items, baby carriers don’t exactly offer much in the way of storage potential. If you don’t want to be without a fresh stack of diapers, feeding bottles, and the rest, you’ll need a great bag at your side. 

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Bag to Use With a Baby Carrier?

There’s no denying that baby carriers are a practical essential for any parent. These must-have accessories keep the baby close by while you’re on the move, allowing you to maintain close contact during your child’s most formative months. This contact can promote milk production in nursing mothers, but any parent can enjoy an unrivaled sense of closeness with their precious cargo. There’s none of the awkwardness of slings, while your arms are freed up from stroller duty. 

However, the average baby carrier won’t offer many storage solutions. If you want to travel with an inventory of blankets, bibs, breast pumps, and more, you’ll need to work a bag into the mix. That being said, don’t assume that any old bag will do. When choosing a bag, you need to consider carrier compatibility. Depending on the design, you might find it impossible to wear a bag along with a baby carrier. What’s more, a one-shoulder or crossbody design can get in the way of that sought-after contact with your little bundle. 

Types of Bags Suitable for Baby Carriers

Tired of packing light when you're out and about with your baby? Below, we’ve rounded up some bag recommendations for you to consider. 

Tote Bags

If you’re looking for ample storage and maximum portability, tote bags are always going to come out on top. Aside from offering generous proportions, the open-top design of most totes provides ready access to all those essentials you’ll need for days out with your child. 

Struggling to find the right one for your needs? How about the Hulken rolling tote? Available in two generous sizes, the Hulken offers plenty of carrying capacity for your essential inventory. Its sturdy construction makes it a must if you’re after an accessory you can use every day, with a reinforced base board making it suitable for heavier loads. Need more convincing that the Hulken is the right bag for you? Thanks to its 360-degree wheels, you can glide your bag behind or alongside you without breaking a sweat. What’s more, the Hulken brings a little designer flair to your everyday excursions, coming in a range of shades for effortless coordination. 


Backpacks are one of those splurge choices that many parents make when choosing a bag that’s compatible with a baby carrier. It’s easy to see why. With your baby worn on your front, your back is free to haul extra cargo. Backpacks are budget-friendly options, but retrieving your items on the go is nigh on impossible

Any time you want to reach for a wet wipe or something to engage your little one with, you’ll have to come to a stop and carefully remove your backpack without disturbing your child. In terms of carrying capacity, backpacks can be fairly generous. However, the internal organization isn’t really designed with this purpose in mind, so you might find it a little awkward to arrange your baby’s essentials in a typical backpack.  

Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are always an option, but they’re not particularly practical. Unless you’re opting for a very small bag, a crossbody bag simply won’t work with the design of a baby carrier. You can choose to wear the strap underneath the baby carrier itself, but this is going to make it difficult to access stored contents while you’re on the go. 

Waist Packs (Fanny Packs)

As with backpacks, fanny packs are one of the more practical choices for parents looking to expand their carrying capacity. They’re usually worn low enough on the body that they won’t affect the fit of a baby carrier, while the biggest designs are usually pretty generous when it comes to pockets and pouches. As your hands and arms are free, you’ll also enjoy ready access to stored items. However, even the largest fanny pack won’t suffice when it comes to storing things like formula, soft toys, and must-have feeding equipment. 

Diaper Bags

Diaper bags come in all shapes and sizes. Some are similar in design to crossbody bags, while others take their inspiration from the humble backpack. The best diaper bags feature multiple carrying methods, with changing mats and small removable pouches typically included. For day-long adventures, these spacious accessories are a good choice. However, they fall far short of something like a tote when it comes to storage potential

Considerations When Choosing a Bag

Still not sure what type of bag to go for you? Read on for a breakdown of the key features you should be paying attention to. 

Size and Capacity

Are you looking for a lightweight bag for short strolls in the park? You can probably get away with traveling light, so a smaller bag should be fit for the purpose. Do you plan on being away from the house all day? Once you’ve assembled all the essentials, only a spacious tote is going to do. 

Comfort and Ergonomics

A bag might offer plenty of storage and designer details, but if it’s not comfortable to use, it’s going to put a real dampener on your day. Go with a design that can be carried in multiple ways for maximum convenience. If you’re wearing a baby carrier, a bag with a lengthy pull handle is a good option. Additional grab handles and ergonomic features are also worth their weight in gold. 

Material and Durability

If you want your next bag to last until your baby is toddling, don’t skimp on quality. Robust materials that can cope with all weather and reinforced seams are all-important, especially if you plan on packing out your bag to the max. 

Style and Aesthetic

While baby carrier compatibility is crucial, you don’t have to sacrifice style entirely. However, pick something a little more refined that scores top marks for versatility. Clean lines and classic colors will ensure your bag won’t look out of place, whatever you’re wearing and wherever you are. 

Why is The Hulken the Best Bag to Use with a Baby Carrier?



With its generous storage capacity and hard-wearing construction, the Hulken is the perfect choice of tote, for those who are currently chained to a baby carrier. However, there are many more reasons to love the Hulken. Those 360-degree wheels make schlepping around easier than ever, making quick work of tight corners and crowded streets. Worried that you’ll have to settle for something that’s too utilitarian? You needn’t be. The Hulken comes in a range of eye-catching colors, with designer-level details and a timeless aesthetic. 

Looking to lighten the load? Get your hands on your new favorite tote by visiting the Hulken store. Alternatively, head to Amazon to add one to your collection. 

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