The Best Wheeled Bag for Weekend Escapes with Kids

The Best Wheeled Bag for Weekend Escapes with Kids

Traveling solo can be stressful enough. When you’re on the move with a brood of little ones, keeping your cool can seem almost impossible. However, you can take some of the strain out of traveling with kids by rethinking your luggage options. Do you have a weekend escape with the family planned? Leave that tired soft shell suitcase where it is and say hello to the Hulken rolling tote instead. 

How Hulken Supports Stress-Free Traveling with Kids 

Standard suitcases might offer plenty of storage capacity, but they’re not well-suited to adventures with kids. Duffel bags and backpacks might seem like a good alternative, but when it comes to storage capacity, they fall far short. Finding a bag with the right balance of user-friendly features, comfort, and storage capacity might seem impossible. However, the Huilken ticks every last box. Below, we’ll take a closer look at why you should consider adding the Hulken rolling tote to your collection.



Storage Capacity 

Remember the days when packing for a weekend trip took no time at all? Last-minute escapes and packing light become things of the past when kids come along. They might be small, but the average child requires a huge amount of stuff, even if you’re only getting away for a couple of days. There’s all those extra outfits, emergency spare clothing, and toiletries. That’s even before you take into account things like toys, distractions, and special food for fussy eaters. Before you know it, you’ve more than doubled the amount of items you planned on taking with you. 

To keep tantrum-prone tots happy, most parents choose to make sacrifices when it comes to their own luggage. However, you don’t have to leave your favorite pullover or conditioner at home just so Junior can travel with their stuffed toy collection in tow. Simply swap out your current luggage for the Hulken, your new favorite large tote bag for travel. Offering a huge amount of storage space, you’ll have more than enough room for all the essentials your family needs. What’s more, you’ll have extra space to accommodate any items or souvenirs you pick up during your travels. 

Durability for the Long Haul 

Regular travel can take its toll on luggage. When you’re hauling around all those extra bits your kids insist on bringing with you, even the most durable suitcase will be put through its paces. With the Hulken, you have a piece of luggage that is built to last. Made from industrial materials and boasting a sturdy construction, this wheeled rolling tote will withstand regular and become your go-to traveling companion for family adventures. 

Wheels and Handles

Just because your current suitcase has wheels and a telescopic handle, doesn’t mean it’s particularly travel-friendly. The Hulken rolling tote shows suitcases just how it’s done. The swivel wheels roll smoothing in every direction, allowing for seamless turns on most surfaces. 


The extendable handle also means you can haul your Hulken comfortably alongside you, even if it’s fully packed with everyone’s essentials. Need to deal with some stairs? Unlike with a suitcase, you won’t have to strain your back as you lug the Hulken behind you. Instead, reach for the unbreakable handles and pull it over your shoulder. 

Kids Can Help 

As it’s so maneuverable and user-friendly, there’s no reason why older kids can’t help haul the luggage around. Simply hand over the reins when you need to attend to one of your younger children or deal with an issue at a ticket desk. Perfect for teaching older kids a little responsibility and treating yourself to a much-deserved break during stressful journeys.

Versatility for Various Types of Getaways 

While the Hulken makes an ideal piece of carry-on luggage, this versatile bag can be used for all manner of adventures. Load it into the trunk of your car for family road trips or reach for one to take the hassle out of your rail adventures. You can even use it if you’re disembarking on a dream cruise getaway. Once you’re unpacked, you can use your Hulken for days at the beach or family excursions when you arrive at your destination. 

Peace of Mind 

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. The durability and user-friendliness of the Hulken will help restore order and allow you to stay focused during trips with a chaotic clan. With this dependable travel companion at your side, you don’t have to fret about the little details any longer. 

Lightweight Construction 

It might be one of the more robust totes on the market, but the Hulken is remarkably lightweight. This helps keep the overall weight of your luggage down, taking a lot of the effort out of those longer journeys. You’ll be able to wheel the Hulken along with ease. Even if you’re wearing your tote over your shoulder, the lightweight build ensures you won’t break a sweat. 

Variety of Sizes 

The Huilken is available in two convenient sizes. Need something fairly compact for a short trip away? The medium-sized Hulken measures 16 x 12 x 20 inches when open, offering more than enough space for small families who pack light. Need something a little bigger to house extra essentials? The larger version of the Hulken measures 20 x 16 x 24 inches when open. When you’re not using them, both versions of the Hulken can be folded down and stored away until you need them again. 

No matter where you’re headed or for how long, make sure you’ve picked out a size that’s right for you and your requirements. This way, you can pack efficiently and still ensure there’s plenty of space left over for storing mementos of your trip so you can remember your family adventure forever. 

Take the Effort Out of Family Escapes with the Hulken  

There’s nothing better than making treasured memories with the ones you love the most. While it’s easy to forget your worries once you’ve arrived at your destination, it’s the getting there that’s the problem. Struggling to keep up with a growing brood? Is organized packing a no-go with your current luggage? It’s time to say farewell to threadbare suitcases and introduce the Hulken rolling tote to your accessory collection. 

Spacious, durable, and designed with regular use in mind, the Hulken is one of the most maneuverable bags on the market, that is also eco-friendly. Cut through a crowd with ease and zip through airport terminals in record time. Bursting with space and offering ample storage capacity, the Hulken will redefine your travel experiences and ensure every trip goes without a hitch. 

Explore the full range of Hulken products online today. Alternatively, head to the Hulken Amazon store to order yours.
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