The Biggest 2024 Fashion Trends: Bag Edition

The Biggest 2024 Fashion Trends: Bag Edition

If you’re someone who takes accessorizing seriously, you’ll know how quickly trends can change as far as bags are concerned. Stalwarts like the humble shoulder bag and ever-dependable leather tote aren’t going anywhere fast. Elsewhere, things are in a constant state of flux. What are the likeliest 2024 fashion trends to expect? Bags both big and small are making a comeback, with micro clutches and oversized bags currently dominating runways. However, one of the most exciting trends to watch out for in 2024 is a focus on functionality

Why Are Bags a Key Fashion Accessory? 

Bags are arguably the most practical accessory of all. With designs catering to every demographic, even the most compact backpack or crossbody bag provides you with ample storage for carrying everyday essentials from A to B. Some bag varieties are more practical than others, allowing for hands-free carrying and easy retrieval of items. Others combine fashion and functionality, with premium materials, designer accents, and dazzling colorways allowing you to showcase your personality and enhance your outfitting. 

10 Bag Trends for 2024

Eager to stay ahead of the pack with your accessories? Below are some of the biggest bag trends to watch out for in 2024. 

1. Rolling Tote Bags 

As far as bag trends for 2024 go, functionality reigns supreme. Unsurprisingly, tote bags are at the top of the list of 2024’s must-haves, with rolling varieties considered the crème de la crème. Need to travel with a large inventory? A standard shoulder bag or backpack isn’t going to cut it. With a reusable tote, you never have to compromise when packing your essentials for the day.

Along with superior storage capacity, you benefit from enhanced maneuverability. Ideal for city dwellers who depend on public transport to get around, a tote equipped with swivel wheels will let you cut through crowded streets and subway platforms with ease. A rolling tote like the Hulken also delivers the best in comfort and convenience. Need to lighten the load? Pull your fully-stacked tote along with you. Staring at a steep staircase? Simply wear your tote over your shoulder until you’re back on level ground again.

2. Woven Bags

Laidback and easygoing, woven bags are a summer staple. However, they’re no longer resigned to trips to the beach. Incredibly versatile and available in an increasing array of designs, woven bags look set to be one of the most on-trend accessories of 2024. 

3. Buckets

Once considered utilitarian and best suited for travel, bucket bags have come a long way in recent years. Their spacious dimensions make them an ideal overnighter or compact weekender, while their hardy construction makes them an incredibly durable choice. If you’re seeking the perfect combination of style and function in 2024, look no further than the bucket bag. 

4. Women’s Briefcases

Briefcases have long been seen as masculine and lacking in character, but things have changed. Look out for a spate of women’s briefcases in 2024, combining functionality with feminine touches like vibrant prints, quilted linings, and classic hardware. Check out our favorite work bag for women.

5. Oversized 

One of the defining fashion trends of 2023 was oversized bags. Anyone who loves the convenience of a bigger bag will be glad to know this trend is set to continue into 2024. The perfect antidote to pokey micro bags, these oversized accessories are perfect for those who can’t grasp the concept of traveling light. 

6. Traveling Bags

Another key trend carrying over from 2023 is the appetite for travel bags and luggage. Last season demonstrated a growing appetite for eco-friendly materials and a more multifunctional approach to bag design. In 2024, expect integrated smart storage to become the standard, along with significantly improved aesthetics. 

7. Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags as we know them have been around since the 1950s and they experienced a surge in popularity in 2023. Lightweight and low-maintenance, they’re the perfect companion for those looking to ditch the clutch and embrace hands-free convenience. 

8. Women’s Belt Bags

Like crossbody bags, belt bags are designed with convenience in mind. Far removed from their fanny pack forebears, belt bags have become a functional staple in recent years. With their distinctive half-moon shape, they’re a low-profile addition to any outfit. Storage space might be limited, but there’s ample room for everyday essentials.

9. Mini Bags 

Despite what some people might tell you, the mini bag trend isn’t going anywhere in 2024. In fact, many designers are going even smaller with the next generation of mini bags. They’re the most practical of accessories, but these tiny fashion essentials can have a big impact on your overall aesthetic.  

10. Bag Layering 

If you pay attention to fashion week runways, you might have noticed that bag layering is in for 2024. You’re probably already layering your outfits, with the same principle applying to your accessory collection. Pair your favorite Ralph Lauren leather bag with a compact clutch, or upscale your storage capacity by wearing a holdall and crossbody bag together. 

How to Choose the Perfect Bag 

It’s rich pickings as far as 2024 fashion trends go. Are you looking to make a statement and value aesthetics over function? Make room for another batch of mini bags in your accessory collection. Keen to go hands-free next season? Belt bags and crossbody bags are easy choices. 

However, you should really think beyond trends when picking out your next go-to accessory. Consider what you’ll actually be using your bag for daily. Do you require something for the office? Women’s briefcases are perfect for the more formal fashionista. Are you always short on space for those everyday essentials? Reach for an oversized bag or spacious shopper. Are you looking for generous dimensions, designer details, and maximum portability? A rolling tote is one of the most versatile bags you can buy. 

Styling Tips for Bags 

Functionality is great, but your bags can also enhance your outfitting. Read on for some essential tips on how to make the most out of your favorite accessories.  

Coordinating Bags with Clothing and Footwear

Your bag should be an extension of your outfit. Generally speaking, try to avoid major clashes of color and texture. Wearing an all-black outfit for a formal occasion? A black baguette bag will go down well, but make sure you're mixing up materials. 

Layering and Accessorizing Techniques for a Complete Outfit 

If you love micro bags and purses but need plenty of storage, layer them together for an on-trend aesthetic. An assembly of different colors can work well, provided they don’t clash heavily with your outfit. You can also layer bags underneath clothing. If you’re wearing a laid-back maxi dress, sling a compact crossbody bag over your shoulder before pulling on a lightweight jacket.

Examples of Brilliant Bag and Outfit Combinations 

Some bag and outfit combos were meant to be. A top-handle bag is a fine finishing touch to a tailored blazer and dress pants combination. When you’re keeping it casual in loose-fitting t-shirts, denim, and worn-in sneakers, cap things off with a spacious shoulder bag.

Embrace One of 2024’s Hottest Trends with the Hulken Rolling Tote 

Are you ready to say goodbye to space-starved micro bags and impractical top-handle designs? Why not make room in your collection for one of 2024’s biggest bag trends? Rolling totes like the Hulken will transform your everyday routine. Spacious, durable, and designed with maneuverability in mind, the Hulken is ready for anything. Say hello to your new favorite foldable grocery cart on wheels, laundry cart, but also large shopping bag with wheels.

If you want to start 2024 in style, head to the Hulken online store to explore the full range today. Alternatively, you can pick up yours from Hulken’s Amazon store

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