From Tote to Trend: Why Is It Called a Tote?

From Tote to Trend: Why Is It Called a Tote?

If you’re thinking about replacing a worn-out handbag or second-rate purse with something bigger, it’s time to introduce yourself to the tried and tested rolling tote. Laid-back, charming, and stylish enough that they’re ready for any occasion, tote bags have come a long way since the utilitarian designs of L.L. Bean in the 1940s.

An instant hit for everyday consumers looking for heavy-duty accessories, tote bags remained largely functional until the 1960s, when daring new colors and designs were introduced to the market. Today, this timeless bag design is everywhere, with most fashion labels offering at least one signature tote design. But why is it called a tote? What makes them a good alternative to backpacks and sling bags? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the tote and why you should be using one. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Tote Bags

Even if your wardrobe is light on accessories, you probably have a tote bag or two lurking in your collection. These stylish and spacious bags are perfect for anyone who’s not keen on the idea of traveling light. What’s more, they’re totes are some of the most durable bags out there. Parallel handles that emerge from the interior are another hallmark of any good tote. The first totes were typically made of a  single piece of material, with this panel then stitched together to form a complete bag. While this stripped-back silhouette still has its fans, you won’t struggle to find more elegant options available today. 

Once considered utilitarian, the canvas tote bag quickly emerged as a must-have fashion accessory. During the thirties and forties, designers turned to materials like canvas and raffia to create eye-catching totes with simple embellishments. While L.L. Bean might have popularized this easy-going bag design, luxury fashion houses would soon be getting in the action, offering a host of premium designs made from the finest leather and boasting breathtaking hardware. 

Looking to lighten the load with a trusty tote? The Hulken is the perfect choice. Bringing this classic bag category into the 21st century, this rolling tote makes it easier than ever to get where you need to be. Take your pick from four stunning color options so you have an accessory that effortlessly coordinates with your wardrobe. You can also choose between two different size options. The medium Hulken measures 16 x 12 x 20 inches and is ideal for hauling home groceries, commuting to the office, and more. Need something bigger? The large Hulken measures an impressive 20 x 16 x 24 inches, boasting enough space for five full grocery bags.

Where Does the Tote Bag Get Its Name?

There’s plenty of healthy debate surrounding where the word ‘tote’ actually comes from. The word has been used in American English for centuries, having first been recorded in the 1600s. Originally, it was thought to be inspired by a West African language brought over to Virginia by captured slaves. Recently, this theory has come under criticism, although “to carry” has always been accepted as its meaning. It wouldn’t be until the 1800s that the word was committed to print, before finally becoming synonymous with its accessory namesake in the 20th century. 

Why Should I Use a Tote Bag?

The biggest benefit of the tote bag is its versatility. Unlike other bag styles, the tote can be used for shopping trips, travel adventures, and just about any daily errand you can think of. In recent years, the tote has also been marketed as an eco-friendly alternative to paper and plastic shopping bags. With more of us keen to do our part to protect the planet, ditching those single-use materials is the way forward. 

If you’re keen to improve your green credentials with a stylish accessory that can be used for just about anything, the Hulken Rolling Tote is something to consider. Made from industrial materials, this heavy-duty bag will last far longer than the usual canvas totes you’ll find for sale at the grocery store. Don’t have access to your own set of wheels? Don’t worry, the Hulken has its own. These stainless steel swivel wheels glide effortlessly across most surfaces, taking all the effort out of your everyday errands

How Do Totes Differ From Handbags?

Unsure about whether to replace your go-to handbag with a tote? While it’s true that many handbags feature internal compartments like pouches and pouches, this doesn’t make them as functional as you might think. Zippered pockets can keep your valuables protected, but you can achieve the same result by adding your credit cards and cash to a purse which can be tucked safely away in a tote. 

When it comes to storage capacity, totes are far more generous. However, they do lack the internal organization that handbags provide. Many people prefer this, however. Even a modest-sized tote will be able to accommodate bulky items and bags of groceries. What’s more, you can reconfigure your cargo at will. 

While handbags can be a good choice for evenings out with friends, they’re not great if you need to travel with more than the bare essentials. With a reliable tote, you have an accessory that can be repurposed as a beach bag, travel bag with wheels, and temporary storage solution at will. It is also the number one choice of busy mothers, small business owners, but also the best bag for wedding planners.

Discover Contemporary Style and Fashion with Hulken Rolling Tote Bags

The Hulken strikes the right note with its contemporary aesthetics and simple details. No matter what you’re wearing, this rolling tote will always enhance your outfit. However, there’s still plenty of choice for those with more particular tastes. 

Do you like to make an impression when you step out? Enrich your outfit with a hint of luxury with a rose gold Hulken. Alternatively, add some sparkle to your day with a Hulken in stylish silver. In the mood for a more masculine hue? The Hulken is now available in midnight blue, while there’s always standard black for the traditionalist. 

Hulken Maintenance and Care Tips 

You’ll want to use your Hulken at every opportunity. However, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind to ensure your new companion looks its best for as long as possible. For starters, avoid overloading your tote. When filling the Hulken, add heavier items to the bottom of the bag and distribute weight as evenly as possible. When you’re out and about, lift your Hulken by the front handle when climbing curbs and steps, and make sure the bottom isn’t making contact with the floor. 

Once you’re back home, be careful when folding your Hulken for storage. Use the pull handle on the right to fold your tote slowly, before finding a quiet corner of your home to store it until you need it again. Just remember to keep it away from any radiators or sources of heat, as well as any direct sunlight. 

Have you and your Hulken enjoyed an outdoor adventure together? Now might be the time to undertake a little cleaning. You can keep your Hulken looking pristine by gently hand-washing it. Use a sponge and warm water to get rid of any surface stains. It’s also a good idea to clean bag surfaces and handles with disinfecting wipes from time to time for hygiene.  If the wheels have become clogged, you can simply scrape away debris with a blunt knife or use a pair of tweezers instead. Spray lubricant can also be used to keep those stainless steel wheels rolling along smoothly. 

Add the Hulken Rolling Tote to Your Collection 

Are you looking to upgrade your accessory collection? Whether you’re looking for something to help with grocery shopping or take all the stress out of your morning commute, the Hulken Rolling Tote is the way to go. With a generous capacity, durable design, and user-friendly features, it’s an easy choice for anyone looking to make their everyday routines that little bit easier. 

Interested in more history? Here's who started the tote trend, the rolling tote reinvention, as well as the new Hulken launch.

Head to the Hulken website to discover the full range online today. Alternatively, find your next tote by visiting Hulken’s Amazon store.

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