Men’s Edition: Tote Bags for Everyday Use

Men’s Edition: Tote Bags for Everyday Use

Backpacks, messengers, and crossbody bags are particularly popular with the male population. While these bag styles do have their advantages, there are limits to their functionality. Most are too small to be reused for anything other than commuting or carrying the bare minimum. If you’re looking for maximum versatility, there’s no better style of bag than the rolling tote on wheels. You can depend on tote bags for everyday use, whether that’s heading into the office or stocking up on supplies at the store. With the Hulken Rolling Tote, you have a multifunctional bag that can be used for everything from the morning commute to weekend escapes to faraway places. 

The Commute Companion 

There’s a lot to love about life in the big city. Sadly, the morning commute isn’t one of them. If you rely on public transport to get you from your home to the office, you’ll need a bag that’s braced and ready for anything. 

Benefits of Rolling Tote Bags for Commuting 

If you wear a backpack or sling bag, there’s that constant worry that someone behind you on the subway or bus is helping themselves to your valuables. Using a duffel for work? They’re a stylish choice, but not particularly practical if you're wearing them over your shoulder for long stretches. With a rolling tote like the Hulken, nothing’s holding you back. 

The Hulken’s swivel wheels glide easily alongside surfaces like concrete, making it a good option for city living and urban environments. Rolling totes also allow you to remain flexible. You can navigate through busy crowds or stuffed subway carriages. Have you come up against a flight of stairs or two? Give your tote and its wheels some time off and reach for those grab handles instead. Carrying groceries can also be effortless, even if you're on a bike.

Carrying Work Essentials 

What do you actually need for a day at the office? Some people get by with just their phone and keys. However, most of us leave the house with all manner of personal items, gadgets, and other daily essentials. In which case, you'll need a work bag on wheels.

If you work from your own laptop, you’ll also need to bring any charging cables and peripherals you use. Keen to minimize distractions and block out noisy coworkers? A pair of headphones is also a good idea. Even if all of your work happens on a computer screen, it’s also worth having a few stationary staples to hand. Then you need to think about lunch and any snacks you might need to curb your appetite during long commutes. Finally, don’t forget to stay hydrated. Pack a large water bottle that you can sip on until clocking in for work. 

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Choosing the Right Size

The issue with most work bags is that they’re simply too small to be useful. Once you’ve added a laptop and a few other basic bits and pieces, there’s rarely any room left for anything else. Some people use separate bags for storing their technology, while others opt for canvas totes for carting their lunch around. 

Rather than load yourself up like a pack horse, make life easier by choosing a bag that’s big enough for everything you need. Ideally, go for something that’s a little bit larger than what you think you might need. This way, nothing will be left to chance and you’ll always have somewhere to store surprise gifts, impulse purchases, and more. 

The Hulken comes in two standard sizes. The medium Hulken measures 16 x 12 x 20 inches, with enough space inside for three full grocery bags. Need something bigger? The largest Hulken measures 20 x 16 x 24 inches, with space for up to six grocery bags. For more information on rolling tote size, have a look at this page.

Weekend Adventures Made Easy 

Do you live for the weekend? If you want to get out and enjoy every last second of your weekly escape from work, make sure you have a reliable accessory to hand. Whether you’re planning a last-minute city break or outdoor adventure, the Hulken is the ideal accessory for when you’re itching to get away from it all, while keeping it eco-friendly

Rolling Tote Bags for Weekend Getaways 

Have you got a city break planned with your other half? Perhaps you're discovering a new corner of the country with friends. While you might not think you need to take a lot of stuff with you for just a couple of days, you’d be surprised at how quickly a standard bag fills up. With a spacious tote, you’ll have plenty of space for several outfits, underwear, accessories, toiletries, and more. 

Packing Tips 

Keen to make optimal use of your Hulken’s interior? While totes are spacious, their open design can make staying organized difficult. Packing cubes are handy for keeping smaller items like underwear and toiletries separate. However, you can use larger ones to group together the items you’ll be wearing together. What’s more, packing cubes provide you with instant access to your belongings, without you having to remove layers of folded clothes in the process. Check out more packing tips here.

Travel-Friendly Features 

The spacious design of tote bags makes them an easy choice for traveling. However, the best travel bag on wheels features more innovative features that will enhance any trip. If you’ve packed a lot of items, totes with swivel wheels give you the option of taking a load off when you need to. The Hulken features stainless steel wheels, which will take almost any surface in their stride. What’s more, the Hulken’s unbreakable grab handles mean you can effortlessly pick up your tote when climbing stairs, boarding trains, or checking in at hotels.  

Fitness and Recreation 

Do you usually use a duffel bag when heading to the gym? Perhaps you’ve been reaching for a backpack for years. While these bag styles have their fans, they’re not as practical as you might think. With the Hulken Rolling Tote on wheels, you can transform your fitness journey

Using Rolling Tote Bags for Fitness

If you’re a regular at your local gym, you’ve probably amassed an entire wardrobe of activewear and fitness accessories. You’ll struggle to cram your workout gear, spare clothes, towels, and water bottles into a single duffel bag. Even if you do, you’ll need to unpack the entire thing in the locker room to access your belongings. 

With a rolling tote like the Hulken, you have a practical gym bag that takes all the stress out of preparing for a workout. The swivel wheels make it ideal for those who travel to their gym on foot, while a spacious interior will mean you don’t have to skimp on the basics when packing for your workout. You’ll even have room left over, meaning you can grab a few essentials from the grocery store before returning home. 

Stylish Designs for Active Lifestyles 

As well as being functional, a rolling tote like the Hulken delivers when it comes to designer detail. A stylish addition to any accessory collection, the Hulken’s stripped-back aesthetic makes this a timeless tote. You have a range of stunning colors to choose from, including metallic silver and rose gold. Those after a more masculine shade can go with midnight blue, while there’s always tried and tested black. 

Versatile Enough for Everyday Errands 

With the Hulken Rolling Tote, you have a bag that can be brought out to help with just about anything. Whether you’re heading to the store, moving or planning a DIY project, you’ll wonder how you ever did without this essential accessory. 

Ticking Off Your To-Do List

The Hulken is a heavy-duty tote that can cope with anything. Need a helping hand for tackling DIY projects? Use the Hulken to cart tools and supplies from one room to another. Do you need to work through a huge pile of laundry? The Hulken makes a perfect foldable laundry basket. You can also use the Hulken to make grocery shopping easier, even if you’re traveling to and from the store on foot. Whatever the day throws at you, the Hulken can be depended on. 

Organization Tips 

If you’re using the Hulken for something specific like a weekend away, packing cubes are a good way to stay organized. However, you’ll need to think in the moment when you’re using your Hulken for everyday errands. When packing groceries, add heavier items first and distribute the weight easily. 

Make Everyday Life Easier with the Hulken 

If your accessory collection is long due an overhaul, maybe it’s time to give the Hulken Rolling Tote a second look. This classic tote makes a lasting impression with its understated design and stylish colors. However, it’s the Hulken’s versatility that makes this tote a must-have. With travel-friendly features and a durable design, the Hulken is just the thing for schlepping around in style. 

Head to the Hulken website to discover the full range for yourself or check out the Amazon store instead.

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